Stamford Hill West Ward Panel (formerly Community Advisory Panel, or CAP) is being rescheduled.

I’m afraid that January’s meeting of the Stamford Hill West Ward Panel (formerly Community Advisory Panel, or CAP) is being rescheduled. As you know our ward has only one police constable, PC Jame Higgins, and having to police the whole of our ward as well as help out in neighbouring Brownswood means that arranging the meeting on his own is just not feasible at this time. However, our ward is expecting the return PCSO Omar Fikri soon, at which point together James and Omar will be better able to put together the necessary stats etc for our next meeting. Meanwhile, it would helpful if all of you would let your neighbours know of the delay and that I will notify you as soon as a new date & venue are set. 

For those living near the corner of Lordship Park and Allerton Road, a CCTV camera to help catch kerb crawlers was due to be operational by mid-February. It appears this is not going to happen and I am trying to find out why the delay and what the new operational date is. I’ll let you know as soon as I know. 
Also, I’ve only recently been made aware of action that can be taken now. If you witness someone picking up a prostitute, you can note down the registration number of the kerb crawler’s car and send the details to Charlie Mottram  (
There are enforcement actions he can take, including, in extreme cases, the seizure of the kerb crawler’s vehicle.  
Finally, for those in SHW most affected by the dangerous traffic and parking problems along Fairholt and Dunsmure roads, this article from the Hackney Gazette may be encouraging:  
Best wishes, 
Chair, Stamford Hill West Ward Panel (formerly CAP) 

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