More problems with Internet on Green Lanes – Traders appeal to Cllr Hercock

Dear Ned

Many thanks for offering to help us with this. BT / Outreach deals with each fault individually so it was only by chance that I discovered other people and businesses have ongoing problems. It is particularly hard for people, such as the elderly, who are without smartphones or even mobiles to fall back on and some of the businesses in the Green Lanes area have been having problems, which does not help their work.
I have just posted on Twitter and Facebook, as well as this email, to see if any other people have faults to deal with. So far, I am aware of eight residents and traders who have been experiencing problems and I can let you know if more people contact me. It really has gone on far too long and BT keeps changing the goalposts. My first deadline was for 1st December and I think 22nd December is now my 6th deadline!
All the best
Hilary King
Secretary, Green Lanes N16 Association, GlaN16
Facebook: @GreenLanesN16
Twitter:      @GreenLanesN16

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