Drug Dealing on Kyverdale Road

We originally reported this in February

A recent comment:

The dealings are now out of control.
The common end of Kyverdale Road, boys on bikes delivering frequently. Deliveries mainly at the start of Osbaldeston Road where most of the littering is and directly across at Northwold Road. Osbaldeston Road seems to be the main pick up spot, hordes of drug addicts waiting several times during day and evening.
The boys on bikes seem to be the same faces 16- 20 years old I would say. Drug addicts are now coming from Clapton to pick up on Osbaldeston Road. Transactions also on Jenner Road along with sex and criminal activity on the common at the back by the bench by the railway. Everything should be reported even though 101 feels pointless at times. Seems an unsettling feeling recently, more and more drug addicts on the common and Osbaldeston. Some kind of regular patrolling/ cctv would be helpful esspecially at the Northwold Rd/Osbaldeston corner to corner common end.

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