Two more moped based theft attempts on Lordship Park

1.   There was another attempted theft last night. Our friend was sitting at the 106 bus stop, on the south side, by the corner of QE Walk and Lordship Park, when two guys on a moped came onto the pavement, tried (but failed) to snatch her phone and then rode off.
2.  There was another horrible incident last night. At about 7,  B   was walking along LP with the dogs and a young woman came up to him and asked if he would accompany her to her friend’s on Lordship Road. Two on a moped had tried to snatch her bag but she’d held onto it. They circled round and made another attempt. She was VERY shaken and upset.
These 2 need to be caught. They made 2 unsuccessful attempts at theft (that we know of) last night and we don’t want them to move to other measures (knife, acid) to persuade their victims to hand over their belongings.
What needs to happen? This girl was going to report to the police. Is there anything else the residents should do apart from being aware?
Have a good weekend!

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