Stoke Newington History talks 30th Nov 2017 8pm



Join us for a free evening at St Matthias Hall (Wordsworth Rd opposite Belgrade Rd) of three short talks investigating Stoke Newington’s history from different perspectives. Each talk, lasting 25 minutes, will be illustrated by a mixture of archival and contemporary images, showing the area through the respective lenses of these researchers, writers, photographers and archivists.

The event is free but registration is required

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Lined up for the 5th (and 1 year anniversary) event are:

Talk no. 1 – Photos from the Hackney Archives by Amir Dotan

The Hackney Archives in Dalston Junction hold close to 2,500 digital copies of old photos and drawings of Stoke Newington, the vast majority of which are not available online or print. Amir Dotan the man behind the popular twitter feed @HistoryOfStokey and organiser of the Stoke Newington History Talks events, has been given special permission by the Hackney Archives to present a sample of photos and drawings illustrating the history of Stoke Newington over the centuries.

Amir Dotan has been researching and sharing the history of Stoke Newington as a hobby since 2013. He started ‘Stoke Newington History Talks’, a quarterly event, in late 2016.

Talk no. 2 – Myddelton’s water: a history of the New River by Nick Higham

The New River was a dominant feature of the Stoke Newington landscape since it opened in 1613 to bring drinking water to London from Hertfordshire, till the late 1950’s when the section along Church Street opposite the park was filled in. Today, its legacy includes the Castle climbing centre, the Woodberry Wetlands and the water in the Clissold Park animal enclosures. Nick will share the history of this special and much appreciated feature of Stoke Newington.

Nick Higham has been a BBC correspondent since 1988 and a resident of Stoke Newington for fractionally longer. He’s currently researching a history of the New River and its founder, Sir Hugh Myddelton

Talk no. 3 – Save the Reservoirs Campaign by Monica Blake

When Thames Water Authority planned the London Water Ring Main, it declared the Stoke Newington Reservoirs and filter beds to be redundant. In 1985 the company proposed decommissioning them and selling the site for development. Local people were outraged, and came together to form a campaign to prevent this. Monica Blake tells the story of this campaign.

Monica Blake was a member of the Save the Reservoirs Campaign from 1987 until it disbanded in 2006, and she edited the Campaign’s newsletter from 1991. She has written about the campaign in the book Hackney: Portrait of a Community 1967-2017, the latest publication from the Hackney Society.

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