Hackney Cyclists Annual Meeting 4 October 2017

7:00 to 9:00 pm
Jono Kenyon
Dave Harris
Harry Fletcher-Wood
Gillian Symons
Richard Lufkin
Kate Charteris
Angus Macdonald
Brian Jones
Dan Kelly
Natalie Gould
Garmon Ap-Garth
Ruth Anna-Macqueen
David Altheer
Rachel Aldred
Dave Lukes
Matt Saywell
Tabitha Tanqueray
1                 Finance report:  Dave Harris circulated a financial report and described an average year financially.
Reduction in reserves is due to lower profit at  the last Burns Night fundraiser and because we renounced our LCC annual grant for the year as agreed.
For the current year we have a generally acceptable position.  Some issues include:
        We renounced this year’s borough grant entirely due to a request for LCC.
        We budgeted £500 for a summer fundraising event that did not happen.  However, Bike Round the Borough made a profit (final figures TBC).
        Burns Night: A few of us have got together to look at where we could generate more profit and make efficiencies.  Three initiatives have been proposed to achieve that – better cost controls, slightly increased bar prices, and through earlier ticketing and better marketing.
2                Annual Report 2017 – Jono Kenyon
Highlights of the year included:
        Cargo Bike Championships at Finsbury Bike festival
        Raised profile – had nearly 400 FB followers and reach of over 10K in last year.
Over the year, we achieved a significant amount including:
        Dec 2016
o   Campaigned to improve Bath Street crossing over City Road when many cycle schemes were facing a backlash.  We developed a leaflet and did a lot of outreach in the rain and cold. The outcome was that consultation responses were overwhelmingly  (77% with 1800 responses) in favour as there was a lot of opposition to the scheme.
        Jan 2017
o   Burns Night fundraiser held with the bulk of our income for the year raised and successful social event for the group.
o   CS1 filters started being installed.
o   Talk by Cllr Phil Jones of Camden Council at our group monthly meeting.
o   Launched our own YouTube channel eg talk on ‘hit and runs ‘by Rachel Aldred that eventually led to higher policing levels and eventually ‘Close Pass’ policing initiative in Hackney
o   Launched the Family Cycling Project where a great video was made and Hackney Family Cycling Library was established.
o   Events and membership drive including at  June Cyclists’ Breakfast in London Fields
o   Tour of Waltham Forest conducted. Looked at different types of interventions – main road and side road, and variety of options used to deal with issues, met and spoke to many
o   Pilots of School Streets announced by Hackney Council
o   Regular HCC and Hackney Council meetings re-established.
o   Participated in Bike Round the Borough, assisting with the Council BBQ after the event as a fundraiser.
o   Ride London: we assisted feeder bike rides
o   First London Cargo Bike Championships organised at the Finsbury Bike Festival with great video made.
o   Wick Road Scheme: We got Hackney Council to change the original scheme which did not meet our criteria. The new scheme is hugely improved with protected cycle tracks to be installed.
3                Committee Elections
The following were elected to the committee
        Coordinator:                  Jono Kenyon
        Treasurer:                      Dave Harris
        Secretary                         Natalie Gould
        Kate Charteris              Web and social media
        Ruth Anna                       Community Outreach & Family Cycling
        Consultation Coordinator     Harry Fletcher-Wood
        Events Coordinator   Angus Macdonald
        Rachel Aldred               Research Coordinator
        Deputy Secretary        Brenda Puech
Others who would like to be committee members can be co-opted during the year.
4                 Hackney Cycling Campaign Manifesto presented by H FW
(For a cleaner, greener, happier, healthier Hackney)
Harry presented the draft manifesto to the meeting :
The reason for developing a robust manifesto is to hold councillors to account if the manifesto is adopted
How manifesto was developed
        We held a planning day to prioritise issues
        Other opportunities that came along
        Committee also contributed to drafts
Our manifesto structure as follows
        Recognising challenges facing Hackney
        General requests to suit the whole borough
        Specific items
Next steps
        Agree manifesto
        Publish and promote
        Share with Mayor and Cllr Demerci
We have also agreed to include the entire Inclusive Cycling Manifesto in our own one.
Discussion points included:
·       Suggestion from Labour Cllr Richard Lufkin that HCC Labour Party members contribute to an Ideas Factory for Labour Party members over a weekend.
·       Question about what ‘protected space’ means.  It means physically segregated.  There has been more of a move to use the phrase protected rather than segregated. It was agreed it was an appropriate term.
·       It was agreed we should explain key concepts / phrases up on our website.
·       It was suggested and agreed to include removal of motor traffic from Broadway Market on the manifesto.
·       It was noted that many pedestrians including older, disabled people and children fear cyclists, and the speed of cyclists through shared areas needs to be addressed.
5            AOB
        Replacing of Engaging Networks –enabling better engagement with members, replacing Yahoo Groups and moving to a new system.
Fancy Dress Halloween Ride on 29 October, meeting in Costa in Hackney 

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