From Rio Cross Residents’ Association New Hotel for kingsland High Street

Another planning application has been submitted for 130 Kingsland High Street (currently used as a Tesco local store). Previous applications for a block of flats on the site have been rejected, mainly on aesthetic grounds.

This time the application is for a hotel, rather than flats, with a café and a co-working space on the ground floor.

Like previous applications it takes no account of the existing footprint of the site (once  a church, set back from the road) and the proposed building will come right up to the pavement, with a maximum height of six stories, reached at the corner of the intersection with Sandringham Road.

You can see the plans by going to the Hackney Planning applications website and doing a search for planning application number 2017/3600. Please note that the drawings etc cannot be found under ‘documents’ (which is where I first looked) but under ‘other documents’.

Aside from any aesthetic objections, local residents should consider whether we want to lose a neighbourhood supermarket and gain a hotel, with no housing gain for Hackney residents.

If you wish to comment on the application you can do so online or by emailing

The deadline for comments is October 31st, 2017.

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