Car club news for Hackney residents but be careful, there’s a large swathe of London this doesn’t apply to!

 Good car club news for Hackney residents,  but be careful there’s a large swathe of London this doesn’t apply to!  Take a good look at the blue pin page before going any further.
welcome to Flex Hackney & Islington!
Flex is now live across
Hackney & Islington!
We’re really excited to announce that our one-way service, Zipcar Flex is now live across the boroughs of Hackney & Islington!

For the first time you’ll now be able to do one-way, drive & drop trips between North & South London.

All you need to do is make sure you
have the new Zipcar UK app
Only the latest App contains Flex.
turn London blue!
Don’t forget, Flex is only available in the App. Use it to find your closest and check the Zipzone for all the areas you can drive and drop.

Trying out that new restaurant on everyone’s lips? Pick up a Flex and your friends en route. Dashing to a meeting across town? Flex it in no time, drop it at the other end. Easy.

Find out everything you need to know about Flex, including all the latest on our continuing expansion and the Zipzone on our Take the Blue Pin page.

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