Horror at results of “Friends Festival” in Clissold Park



The Friends Festival in Clissold Park has led to controversy as to the effects on the park.  Entry costs for the show which featured props and re-creations from the television show cost £26.00

“Brand new features for 2017 include a full scale Joey & Chandler’s apartment set, as well as never-before-seen memorabilia and props from the show.  There’s also the best of the fest from previous years, including Monica & Rachel’s apartment, Recreate the Titles, Ross & Rachel’s Vegas chapel of love, the chance to grab a coffee in Central Perk, something to eat in Monica’s Moondance Diner and a drink at the Chick & Duck Bar… plus much, much more.  There’s also a special Friendsfest shop on site, offering exclusive memorabilia and merchandise.”

One poster said:

“My park is ruined! I hope hiring it to the Friends festival was worth the money Hackney Council. They are no Friends of mine! The place looks a mess and will probably take quite a bit of time effort and money to rectify the damage.”

But others defended the festival

Caroline Millar, ex-chair of Clissold Park Users’ Group said,

“Reinstatement works will be taking place and the grass will recover quickly as it always does after events like this where it is deprived of sun for a couple of weeks. It will all be paid for and carried out by the ‘Friends’ team at their expense. As a matter of fact they were extremely careful and no major damage was done despite difficult weather conditions because of various mitigating steps that were taken which means that the damage is noticeably less than we have had from other events in recent years.”

The money for renting the park will go into the Hackney Parks Budget and will not be ring fenced for Clissold.


One thought on “Horror at results of “Friends Festival” in Clissold Park

  1. ‘ a thing happened in the park, some grass turned yellow, the organisers paid a hire fee to the borough parks service and tidied up after themselves.’ Oh the horror !!

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