Commemorating William Hones’ battle against government censorship in 1817

7d7ec73c-097d-4378-889e-0a0793fbfe3cCommemorating the bicentenary of
William Hones’ victorious court battle
Sunday 1st and 8th October 2017

Join us for talks and tours commemorating the bicentenary of William Hones’ victorious court battle against government censorship in 1817, marking a turning point in the fight for British freedom of press. Hone was buried in Abney Park in 1842, with Charles Dickens attending his funeral.

As he had parodied the Lord’s Prayer and the Creed, Hone’s trial was politically motivated with the technical charge of blasphemy. His defence was three seven hour speeches by himself, and relied on the facts that the the Foreign Secretary had written similar parodies only a few years previously.

1st October: 
1pm:  William Hone and Georgian Satire  – tour led by Alan Gartrell.
Reserve tickets here.

4 pm: William Hone and the Freedom of the Press – tour led by                    Russell Miller
Reserve tickets here.

8th October 
1pm: Local author, Paul Ashton, reads a Hone related short story               and talk about his work, held in the Chapel.

Reserve tickets here.

2pm: William Hone and the Abney Radicals –  tour led by Alan                     Gartrell
Reserve tickets here.

All are suggested donations of £5

On 1st October there will also be:

12pm: Theatre and Music Hall guided tour – led by The Music Hall                       Guild of Great Britain and America

2pm: Historical tour of Abney Park – led by John Baldock

For more information:
020 7275 7557

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