Problems in Aden Grove

From Green Lanes TRA
You may have been aware that Aden Grove N16 was closed off at the Green Lanes N16 end for most of yesterday, because a 40 year old woman was beaten up and has life-threatening injuries. I was told by a police woman that a man has been arrested but that if the woman does not press charges, they may not be able to do anything. I live a few yards away and had to walk right round the block to get to my house, so that I did not disturb the crime scene.
The police woman and I had an interesting conversation about the drug dealing that goes on  and I was told that everyone knows this has been going on for YEARS, that too many warnings are given and no action real is taken, so that the police are being laughed at. It was only a few months ago that there was a stabbing.
What can we do about this continuing problem? One is to report any ASB you witness to the Council and to the police – and keep a record of it. Letting the GlaN16 cttee know about incidents would also be helpful, so that we can bring these into our meetings and discussions with the council and police. Please mention where the incident happened and which Borough it took place in, so that we can link with both Islington and Hackney. ASB is a cross – border issue (for instance there is a lot more begging taking place on the Islington side of the road) and the more we can forge links between the two, the better..
Also, right now you have the chance to complete the Hackney Anti Social Behaviour Questionnaire that’s asking if we approve of the way in which the council deals with ASB at the moment, which is to give warnings to people as well as support. Do you consider their policies to be working or would you like to make suggestions? My personal opinion, shared by some other GlaN16 members, is that too many warnings cause problems and weaken the effect of any intervention. Also do Islington and Hackney work together on these issues?  It would be great if you could all complete this questionnaire, bearing in mind this latest incident and any other local ASB incidents that you are aware of.
Surely it is time for some real action to take place by the authorities, particularly if this man returns to his flat without being charged.

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