From Cafe OTO

Hi there,

We wanted to send out a special mailout today to celebrate our 100th release on our OTO Digital subscription service!

To mark this milestone we’ve got a huge six hour DJ set from the notorious Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being – recorded live at our New Year celebrations 15/16. If you were there you’ll know how relentless his 4CDJ set was – positive proof that he’s one of the most mind melting DJ’s exploring the outer limits of house. Jamal self released this as a cassette last year, but they’re all sold out now and prone to discogs inflation these days so we’re dead pleased to make it free.

Over the last two years, OTO Digital has worked hard to release as much as we can from our archives. As well as making recordings available to a wider audience, each download helps support what we do in the Cafe itself. We’ve also made sure that artists are paid fairly and equally from each sale. Recently we’ve been licensing recordings from other labels such as Incus, Matchless, MIE, Confront & Fataka. We’re working on adding new labels to this list all the time, and more announcements will be made in the near future. Some of these releases are available in download format the first time, and include new write ups and reflections from the artists.

An OTO Digital subscription costs £10 a month and gets you three releases each month from our label, or from others we stock in our online store. At least one new release is added to the store each week, and members also receive discounts on records, books, downloads and more from our online store. Membership ensures that we can continue to present the most ambitious programme possible, and helps us programme residencies and new commissions from musicians across the UK and overseas. Venue or combined membership is also available for £15 – giving you cheap tickets to shows, access to members-only shows and discount in the online & in-store shop.

We look forward to seeing you here.

Cafe OTO



Release 100, and we’re really pleased to make Jamal Moss’ non-stop 6 hour New Year DJ set available for free. Half the set was released as a double cassette dubbed “The Hieroglyphic Being Experience Vol. 1” last year, but they’re all sold out now and they dont seem to include the magic moment Jamal drops “I Feel Love” and re-works it in his unique acid hous style. The set is huge, so we’ve split it half way to help with any bandwith issues. Thanks for your continued support of Cafe OTO!

Available as 320k MP3


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