Consultation on use of Stoke Newington Library

The final drop-in session at the library is:   4-6pm on Tuesday 8 August

Here are two comments:

“I am not keen on using the reference room as a cafe

Suggested they look at similar to  Ideastore and keep it for computer use for studies .

Also if Assembly Rooms to be used for DAnce or Theatre – I thought that the ancillary space at rear of Library along with the Gallery should be part of the same usage , ie dance studios, yoga, gallery use , playgroup use.

Also suggested they look at the need for Electricity Sub station to have access through courtyards at back of sub station since they could be used for connection spaces and overspill from the aseembly room bar”


“One of the ‘earmarked’ spaces that the council want to ‘change the use of’ is the Former Reference library , where the Community Library service is based.
The Community Library service currently supplies books / DVDs / talking books / music etc to over 600 Hackney residents, mostly housebound and elderly, a free and very appreciated service to vulnerable Hackney residents.
There is some suggestion of allowing the Former Reference library to be leased by a restaurant or bar. I feel very strongly that the space should be kept for library use, and there are already too many restaurants on Church st.
I’m trying to encourage as many people as possible to fill in the consultation forms that are in the library foyer at the moment. Even if they chuck the Community Library Service out of the space, (they say they will ‘rehouse’ it….) the old reference library should be retained for the use of Hackney residents as part of the library- it could make a great study space for instance.
Thanks for your time in reading this- and remember to USE YOUR LIBRARY, OR LOOSE IT!!!”



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