Doors to Somewhere: Hackney Council to replace hundreds of faulty doors.

“The council says that Hackney Homes, started a “front door replacement programme circa 2006” of more than 8,000 social-housing properties with new doors made by Gerda Security Products, a Suffolk company. Details may not have come to light without a Freedom of Information Act request by Liberal Democrat councillors to get answers from Hackney Homes, a council-controlled company.

Councillors have been told that soon after installation, tenants and leaseholders reported defective exterior facias on the £1,300 doors: the mock-veneer finish peeled off. Hackney Homes assured occupants in 2008 that it would repair or replace all the failing doors but there are “still a large number of Hackney Homes” residents with defective front doors.

Seemingly minor, but chronic cosmetic problems, it was said, could “encourage crime and anti-social behaviour”, affecting residents’ quality of life and the values of adjoining private properties.”

Full story at Loving Dalston

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