Sister Chain & Brother John at Mascara Bar


Sister Chain & Brother John
Staying in Soho: UK Vinyl 7inch picture disc Release Party
Mascara Bar, 72 Stamford Hill, Stoke Newington, London N16 6XS, UK
Thursday 10.8.17 at 20:00
Free Entry
Sister Chain & Brother John’s musical stories unfold against a backdrop of
landscapes where fantasies and nightmares intertwine.
In their new program, the duo presents a song-cycle of utopias and dystopias
hand picked from their previous concept albums: Darkness to Warm your
Heart and The Androgyne Show as well as their upcoming British themed
album which features a mythically utopian England, as seen through the
playful prism of exile: a suburban fairyland of woodsheds and tipsy ghosts, a
nostalgic London of club cads and dissolute thespians and so on.
The single Staying in Soho is released as a limited edition 7inch picture disc.
Side A is a music hall comedy number lamenting the gentrification of central
London, and celebrating Soho as we love it. Side B is an East End thriller
featuring a pretty murderess and someone who should have known better.
Listen to “Staying in Soho” on Bandcamp:
Facebook Event:
More about the band:

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