Hackney Unites Event

A year ago today, Jo Cox MP was murdered by a white supremacist simply because she lived by her believe that despite our many differences we have more in common than that which divides us.

#Hackneymoreincommon is tomorrow, don’t miss it.

Tomorrow in celebration of the life and vision of murdered MP Jo Cox, we host #hackneymoreincommon, its at Hackney College Falkirk Street, N1 6HQ. The day is designed as a response to the killing of Jo Cox and the recent terrorist attacks. It will begin with a minute’s silence for Jo, and the innocent victims of violent extremism and warfare all over the globe.

The event will include

  • Over 50 community groups hosting stall or workshops,

  • Seven food stalls (including ice cream from Ben & Jerrys)

  • A self defence workshops

  • the Akwaba choir,

  • Gus John speaking on CLR James

  • The Mayor of Hackney

  • Facepainting

  • Performing arts and a student fashion show

  • Aerial Yoga

  • Campaigners for fair dunking for schools

  • An Interfaith forum

  • Campaign films, and films that tell stories

  • Volunteer workshops (and relaxation workshops)

There wil be a creche and lots for children to do.

Why not view the full programme here

You can help make this great event an even bigger success, by forwarding this email to friends this evening, and even phoning up one or two people and encouraging them to come down and join us. We are also looking for a few more volunteers to help out on the day, so if you want to be part of the ‘delivery team’ for this great event, then email¬†ambreeniraja@gmail.com as soon as possible.

So tomorrow, the she sun is going to shine, we are going to be outside, there is ice cream, and most importantly we are saying loud and proud:

In Hackney, we refuse to be divided and like Jo Cox, we choose HOPE

See you tomorrow!

Hackney Unites.

PS many thanks to the staff and students at Bridge Academy for doing to much to make this event a success, Many thanks to Hackney CVS, to Hackney College and to Volunteer Centre Hackney (as well as others too numerous to mention)

Who we are
Hackney Unites is a long established community coalition for social justice, we work to create and support organised and inclusive communities. We are grateful for financial support from our many individual donors.

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