People as Partners: Co-production Conference 

Thursday 6 July 2017, 12-5pm, Hackney Empire

Dear member and supporter,
Join our People as Partners: Co-production Conference to help create co-production principles for Hackney and the City of London and make sure health and care services are designed in equal partnership with residents.

At this conference we will:
  • Create the public’s principles for co-production of local health and care services in Hackney and City.
  • Hear about examples of effective co-production.
  • Discuss how co-production can work in Hackney and City.
  • Influence how new services are designed and existing services are reshaped.
Draft programme:
  • Keynote speakers include Pete Fleischmann, Head of Co-production at the Social Care Institute for Excellence.
  • Local residents sharing their experiences of co-production.
  • Case studies of co-production from Hackney, the City and beyond.
What is co-production?
Co-production is when people who use services work together in equal partnership with organisations to design better services. The City and Hackney Health and Social Care Transformation Board has committed to co-production. This is our opportunity to work with them to reshape local services so they are designed around residents and achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes for all.

More information:
  • The Transformation Board is made-up of representatives from Hackney Council, City and Hackney Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Homerton Hospital, City of London Corporation, East London Foundation Trust and Healthwatch Hackney. They are looking at how they can design better services for residents by working together.
  • This local conference takes place in Co-production Week 2017: “Nothing about us without us” (3-7 July 2017) organised by the Social Care Institute for Excellence National.
  • For any questions email To bookregister here or call 020 7923 8358.
We look forward to seeing you there!
Healthwatch Hackney

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