More in Common

Please help

We really do need supporters of Saturday’s event to join our thunderclap to inform our community that the event is coming up, We need just another 40 people to sign up, in which case we will get a free promotion reaching well over 250,000 people.

There are just 3 days to go!

This Saturday as part of the national Great Get Together,  nearly 70 Hackney community groups will come together: to honour the vision of Jo Cox, to remember those killed in recent terrorist outrages (and the innocent victims of violence worldwide) and to celebrate the diversity of Hackney’s communities.

The list of participating groups is literally too long to reproduce here, but we have groups from the Turkish, Kurdish, and Caribbean communities, from the Muslim, Christian and Jewish communities (and from the ‘non-religious’ Unitarian Church), from the refugee community, from the elders, and from the young, disability rights groups, Digs, (the private sector tenants group) the LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay etc) community, and women’s rights groups. You name it, and they will be there!

We have an orthodox Rabbi who be joining our session on ‘Faith in the Community’ who will walk to the event to comply with his religious observations (and who, for the same reason, respectfully asks that he is not photographed on the day).

We have Gus John speaking about the legacy of CLR James.

We have spoken word, we have a choir, storytelling, a student fashion show, performance and circus arts, we have campaigners for fair funding for schools.

There will be representatives of Greenwich Leisure enticing us to exercise, and an opportunity to try aerial yoga.

We have a Islamaphobia exhibition, workshops on ethnic minority employment, a ‘people’s plan for Hackney’ and relaxation (that last one is surely a ‘can’t miss’) plus film screenings and discussions. And food, did we mention the food (including ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s)

We will have the Mayor and cabinet members from Hackney council, there to share their vision and answer your questions.

The event kicks off with an opening ceremony at 11:30am and will run through to 5pm.

And when the day is over we have the ‘Change of Art’ festival in the evening.

Spread the word

Saturday will be fantastic, but we need to ensure people know about it.

  • Sign up to attend on eventbrite: (and then share on social media)
  • Join our thunderclap to help inform our community that the event is coming up, We need another 40 people to sign up, in which case we will get a free promotion reaching 250,000 people.
  • Join us for a leafleting session at a local railway station
  • volunteer to help on the day

Did you see the documentary?

Last night the BBC screened a documentary about the life and death of Jo Cox MP. She was murdered because she believed that we have more in common than that which divides us. It was so very sad, but also inspiring. If you saw the documentary and felt, what can I do to help, then why not sign up as a volunteer for Saturday? If you would like to help, please email

Many thanks

Hackney Unites.

Who we are
Hackney Unites is a long established community coalition for social justice, we work to create and support organised and inclusive communities. We are grateful for financial support from our many individual donors.

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