Open Squares Garden Weekend

Open Squares Garden Weekend
Saturday 17th – Sunday 18th June


Feed your curiosity and explore over 230 private, secret and little-known gardens across 27 London boroughs over one very special weekend.

As part of this weekend Abney Park will be hosting:

Sunday 18th June  11am to 12pm – Butterfly and Moth Walk led by Geographer and urban field ecologist Matthew Gandy:
Abney Park is one of the best sites for biodiversity in inner London and has a third of the UK’s species of butterflies, as well as hundreds of
species of moths. The butterflies we can expect to see include the
Speckled Wood, and if we are very lucky, the White-letter Hairstreak.

Matthew is author of the book _Moth_, published by Reaktion, and you can also visit his website Lepidoptera Gallery.

Sunday 18th June 3.15pm to 4.30pm – An Historical tour of Abney Park led by John Baldock:
Find out more about Abney Park’s history as a Garden Cemetery, including some of the original trees planted in 1840 and Isaac Watts ‘The Father of English Hymondy’. Step inside the oldest Non-Conformist chapel still standing in Europe. Discover a lion tamer, a hot-air balloonist, and the very first burial.

Please note that this tour has been rescheduled from 2pm to begin at 3.15pm due to a unique performance by The Chorus of Dissent

For all Open Squares Garden Weekend events:
Please arrive at the main gates on Stoke Newington High St
Suitable for all ages
Donations welcome (suggested £5)

For more information:
020 7275 7557

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