Diane Abbott in Hackney North – Opinion

According to Barry Gardiner MP,  Diane Abbott MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington has a “long term condition”. She has been asked to step down as shadow Home Secretary.  Given the announcement from her party attributing her stepping down to health problems it would be fit and proper for her to make a statement about her health.

Ms Abbott tweeted yesterday:

Touched by all the messages of support. Still standing! Will rejoin the fray soon. Vote Labour!

2 thoughts on “Diane Abbott in Hackney North – Opinion

  1. Surely a health issue is a personal thing and not for all and sundry to know about? I have health issues but I’d certainly not want everyone to know about them. Diane may be in the public eye, but that is not a valid reason her to go public with what they are and how they affect us. People in the public eye deserve some privacy.

    1. I think Ms Abbott ought to make a statement. Her health is a legitimate matter of concern for her potential constituents. She has withdrawn from several public events and she hasn’t made any statement herself. A statement that she expects to make a full recovery would be sufficient or alternatively that she will consider her situation after the election. However, this is, as stated, my opinion.

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