Strong contrast between Conservative Candidates for Hackney North and Hackney South



Luke Parker with Sajid Javid (The Spectator)


The two candidates chosen by Hackney Conservatives present a very different approach.

Amy Grey is an old Hackney hand, lives in the borough and has run in Hackney before.  Her pitch as made to the Hackney Citizen is to regret Brexit and devote herself to mitigating the consequences. But she couldn’t avoid “Strong and Stable” which I suspect all conservatives write on the inside of their wrists in biro.

Like Parker was devoting himself to running in Richmond before apparently being kicked out in favour of Zak Goldsmith .  He forgot “strong and stable” but there was “Coalition of Chaos”, “Ride Roughshod over Democracy” and  “Ignore the clearly stated Will of the People”.  All this despite describing immigration as “The secret to London’s success”.

We shall see how well this mixed message does in Hackney against not only the anti-Brexit Lib Dems but Labour Meg Hillier who, unlike Diane Abbott,  defied her party’s whip to vote against article 50.  Although Meg has yet to say how she will vote in future.

Candidates statement in the Hackney Citizen

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