Highbury Jumble trail on Sunday 7th May 2017 from 10am to 4pm.

After last year’s success, we are happy to have our second edition of the Highbury Jumble trail on Sunday 7th May 2017 from 10am to 4pm.
A Jumble Trail is like a car boot sale taking place on your street, outside your front door. Local communities co-ordinate to set up stalls to sell bric-a-brac, toys, art, crafts, vintage clothes, cakes or whatever. The whole thing is coordinated online at jumbletrail.com providing visitors with a colour coded map to explore the treasure on sale in your neighbourhood.

This is such a fun opportunity to get to know your neighbours and declutter your home at the same time. Stalls cost a fiver (to cover for printing costs and website running fees) and you can register via the jumbletrail link below. 

Click here to book a stall or find out more information on the Highbury Jumble trail 2017:
Here is our Facebook page:
Please help us publicise this event, and remember that it works well if people have stalls in clusters. 
So it is within each participant’s interest to get their neighbours and people along their road to join in too.
Kind regards


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