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From an opening sequence in a haunted house with an intricately constructed soundtrack to a cat-and mouse game on a trip from Paris to London and back set entirely to text messaging, PERSONAL SHOPPER brings the psychological and supernatural thriller into the digital age. The captivating and enigmatic Kristen Stewart is the medium, in more ways than one, for a sophisticated genre exploration from the ever original and Cannes Film Festival Best Director winner Olivier Assayas.
She’s the personal shopper for a high-powered German model/designer and jet-setter who demands an endless supply of clothes and accessories be procured and delivered to her. But she also has the psychic ability to communicate with the spirit world, and her twin brother has just died, leaving her bereft and longing for messages from the other side.
A tense and eerie tale unfolds, but one told with a surprisingly playful sense of humour that makes it a delight to watch.

Now Showing

The Cannes and Academy Award winning new film from the director of A SEPARATION is an acutely observed, ingeniously crafted and beautifully acted exploration of questions of morality and retribution. When their apartment literally starts falling apart, actor couple Rana and Emad must find a new place to stay.
Consumed by work on a theatre production of Arthur Miller’s Death Of A Salesman, they take up the offer from a fellow actor of an empty apartment. But the former occupant has left more than just furniture behind and this legacy proves highly dangerous for Rana and a threat to her marriage. With two brilliant performances at its thrilling heart, THE SALESMAN is a multi-layered triumph that is as provocative as it is gripping.

Silent Cinema returns to the RIO – Sunday at 1pm

Long thought to be lost forever, this recently rediscovered 1922 film captures two of the biggest stars of the silent screen, Gloria Swanson and Rudolph Valentino, the only film where the pair appear together. Cast as would-be lovers in a gloriously doomed romantic affair, she plays a habitual clotheshorse, showcasing numerous glamorous gowns, while he cuts a picture of elegance in a wardrobe designed by his then lover Natacha Rambova. Among the film’s sartorial highlights are its resplendent eighteenth-century sequences, devised very much in the style of Wood’s mentor Cecil B. DeMille.
This screening will be introduced by Adrian Garvey, with live musical accompaniment by Stephen Horne.

Film and Live Performance on stage at the RIO – Sunday at 3.00pm

Mo’ Better Blues, Spike Lee’s love letter to jazz, will be shown as part of the wider “Spike is 60” film festival celebrating the director’s 60th birthday.
It tells the story of renowned jazz musician Bleek Gilliam (Denzel Washington) as he chooses between teacher Indigo and aspiring singer Clarke whilst trying to take his band to the next level.
This screening will include an immersive jazz performance by musicians who will play improvised music throughout the screening.

Another Silent Cinema Classic

NAPOLEON (PG) BOOK TICKETSAbel Gance’s heroic depiction of the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is an undisputed cinema landmark.  Cool under pressure, Bonaparte overcomes fierce rivals, the deadly Terror and political machinations to seal his imperial destiny. Monumental and visionary, the story’s chapters play out in exhilarating fashion.
Featuring an equally mammoth score composed and conducted by Carl Davis, this definitive digital restoration, the culmination of an unprecedented 50 year restoration project led by filmmaker and historian Kevin Brownlow, presents this silent masterpiece in all its grandiose glory.

From Friday March 31

Set in 1970s Boston (but shot in Brighton) FREE FIRE opens with mysterious American businesswoman Brie Larson and her wise-cracking associate Armie Hammer) in a deserted warehouse, arranging a black-market weapons deal between IRA arms buyer Chris (Cillian Murphy) and shifty South African gun runner Vernon (Sharlto Copley). Polite, if uneasy, exchanges give way to escalating tension and soon it’s everyone for themselves… Packed with witty one-liners, this wickedly cinematic shootout is a bold and breathless stunner.

From Friday March 31

Get ready for some first class urban legend chills, young couple Chloe and Danny make the mistake of visiting an abandoned house, once home to a mysterious old woman said by some to be a witch. Local legend says that if you knock on her door then the vengeful ghost will snatch you away to her hellish limbo.
Friday late show at 11.30pm and a Sunday matinee at 11am.
★★★★ Den Of Geek

“One of the best mother-child horror movies since The Orphanage” VODzilla

“A charming and well-crafted thriller” Bloody Disgusting


We will very shortly be launching our fund-raising to create a second screen in the basement and restore the exterior of the RIO – a lot of you have been asking how you can get involved, we will be able to give you more details next week !

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