Hackney Lib Dems oppose School Funding Cuts



Stop the plundering of Hackney Schools!

Hackney Lib Dems call for oposition

to school funding cuts

Money available for new free/grammar schools shows the Tories ideological attack on democratically controlled state education

There will be consultation and doubtless some changes but this is the estimated budget change for Hackney schools under the new formula and not raising per pupil funding in line with inflation. Yet the Chancellor has announced £500m for Grammar schools. The Tories are not even attempting to hide their regressive agenda anymore.

Under the plans for the new National Funding Formula for Schools, Hackney is set to be one of the worst affected in terms of budget cuts.

The reform of funding the formulae is being used used to hide drastic cuts

Hackney Lib Dem spokesman, Darren Martin, said,

The New Formula is a much better and transparent way of funding schools and the money going directly to them empowers the profession and the school management who know their pupils best.
The problem is that there is no new money going into the education system that badly needs it and the Government is using the implementation of the formula to take money away from areas like Hackney to fund poorly funded locations elsewhere.

Haggerston school for example will lose £849 per pupil. The Government can hide cuts in language about formulas and real term cash protection but ultimately we are talking about money being taken away from children’s education.”

When this is taken in the larger context of the 2015 spending review which asks for efficiency savings and refused to raise per pupil cost in line with inflation, schools are already seeing what amounts to an 8% cut on average.b London schools are a success story and even though they are better funded than elsewhere in the country, the answer to that should be to use London as a model of success and increase funding in other areas that need it using the formula.”

Commenting on the Government’s plan to spend £320 million on 140 new Free Schools, Liberal Democrat education spokesperson John Pugh said:

This is unbelievable. Two weeks ago the Free Schools Programme was shown to have overspent to the tune of £9bn, at the same time as existing schools struggle to pay for books, cut teachers and their buildings decay around them.

Worse than that, this cash, doesn’t fix the flawed schools funding formula which hurts inner city schools that massively over-achieve.

The other massive losers from this flawed plan are small rural schools, hurt by the funding formula that will not see a penny in new cash. 

The Tories absolutely have their priorities wrong on education if they think this is the right way to spend money – this is only going to make the attainment divide between local areas, and between richer and poorer children, worse.

If they can find extra money to spend on education they should be using it to reverse the devastating cuts to school budgets and give hard working teachers a pay rise – not pumping more and more money into a scheme which is simply not working and failing to deliver for the young people who need most support”.

Hackney Lib Dems say,

  1. The Government must commit to not cutting any schools budgets and instead invest the money nationally to raise funding in areas that need it under the new formula.

2. The Government must commit to raising the per pupil cost in line with inflation to support schools struggling with additional costs.

3. The Government should delay plans for the Education Services Grant to be removed until it can properly help schools embed efficiency savings.

Cuts in Hackney Graphic from http://www.schoolcuts.org.uk/#/schools?chosenSchool=2044283

Printed, published and promoted Tony Harms on behalf of Hackney Liberal Democrats at 60 Lordship Park,London N16 5UA : Please inform me if you no longer wish to receive these emails

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