Today at 19:00–23:00
Starts in about 4 hours · 12° Partly Cloud
Show Map
The Others
6 and 8 Manor Road, Top Floor, Stoke Newington, N16 5
Featuring Liam Stuart Rickard aka Worldwide Welshman a superb musician, singer, performer, natural gardening enthusiast and lovely chap, and all his friends….J
And: Temporal Comet, kimono wearing space-age, ethereal-electro-pop musician with flashy boots. This tall, charming gentlemen is a mean bass player and guitarist with great ear for jamming.
A jam session where the goodness is in the detail, the vibe, the sharing, the empathy – our policy is that the loudest musician has to be hearing the detail of the quietest musician, for the best balance, the deepest flow….. we like to hear the vocalists expression in all it’s fullness.
Musicians and performers are invited to the stage by the host, thus maintaining sonic participatory decorum through out the night. Get there early for jam!
Hosts this Thursday, 16th February, Post-Valentine World Blues Recovery session, are Liam Stuart Rickard and the Worldwide Welshman & Beyond band…
And his array of international world travellng musicians, gyspies of all nations…
Story telling, in different languages, riddims, meoldies, all human, all beautiful all for the community.
With a full PA, drumkit, bass and guitar amps, piano and mics, with congas and percussion and monitors and helpful sound crew, this session has built a solid reputation over the past year, for exquisite and expressive jams.
Featuring spoken word, song and instrumental breaks.
Musicians change places, the vibe grows and grows…
7pm til just after midnight.
And it’s all free.
Small Bar, comfy chesterfields, smokers garden – what’s not to like about a jam session at the legendary The Others!

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