Street Drug dealing Kyverdale Rd – The Common End

Street Drug dealing Kyverdale Rd – The Common End

from Streetview

a day ago in Stoke Newington


This has got a lot worse of late – solutions are difficult – however I am informed that the way policing works at the moment is that calls to 101 to report things are all logged and the prioritised based on volumes of calls and of course severity of the issue. So a plea to all Kyverdale Rd residents or even passers by to report the deals that you see by calling 101 everytime. The runners are young 16-17 often on bikes. Thanks


Dealing’s going on all over the place. Used to be boy on BMX bike. Now flashy cars are hired, drugs delivered to quiet roads, like end of terrace with fewer windows. Spotters on mobile phone in common entrance doorways opposite end of road, purchasers arrive on foot in pairs, one jumps in car briefly. Pattern of day varies a lot. Users can walk real fast. Yes, dial 101. Try to get full VRN, numberplate, and make of car.  Time, location. Get to know your SNT Safer Neighbourhood Team in your ward of the borough. Is there a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in your street? Be careful. Chat to long term friends. Beware destination of users. Ground littered with needles. Your borough is good at removing them. Huge quantities arriving by sea: Cocaine worth a potential £50 million has been discovered washed up on two beaches in Norfolk just 2 days ago.

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