give your unwanted winter coats to the homeless.

Hi, all, 

Please forgive the round robin, but I thought you’d like to know about a little project I’m running that enables people to give their unwanted winter coats to the homeless.
It’s called Coatrail, and it runs for one week from this Monday, 23rd Jan, at Stoke Newington Library. If you have coats to donate, just pop into the library next week, hang them on the rail in the foyer, and homeless people will take what they need. 
Hats, gloves and scarves are welcome too, but please, no summer clothes or kids’ clothes.
The fabulous Mustafa at Five Star Dry Cleaners, opposite the library (well, nearly) is getting us started with 10 coats he dry-cleaned years ago, but that no one ever collected. 
So please donate if you can. Tell your friends. And if nothing else, let this be a reminder to you to pick up your dry cleaning!! ;o)
Thanks, and Happy New Year,
Rachel Murrell

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