Clissold Park User Group Meeting: Saturday 12 November at 11am

Apologies for the late notice.  We have been busy at CPUG HQ.

Now that we have all recovered from our holiday, please come and join us for our regular bi-montly meeting from 11am to noon in Clissold House this morning.  As well as all the usual updates, we will be discussing the launch of our new on-line crowd sourcing for three extra swings in the playground.  And with summer just around the corner we will be looking at the plans for events in the park in 2017.

Next Sunday between 11am and 3pm we are taking over Clissold House for a day of pampering and delights to help fundraise for the swings. More information about this will be winging its way towards you in the next couple of days but if you fancy half an hour of Shiatsu massage either on a fouton or in a chair or a bit of Feldenkreis, now is you chance to relax and unwind in the beautiful surroundings of the House for a very reasonable fee (£20 for half an hour) knowing that your money will be going to bring joy and delight to the next generation.

We hope to see you later this morning.  If not, we will keep you posted in the usual ways. Or you can email us to find out more and book a session.

You can read the minutes of our last meeting here.

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