Woodberry Down Ward Forum


Woodberry Down


27 October 2016


Redmond Community Centre – Kayani Avenue

Any feedback about the venue? (Accessibility, management, cost etc)

Room set up / seating arrangements could be improved.

Members in attendance:


Councillor Jon Burke

Councillor Caroline Selman

Residents (those that signed in):

J. Sweeney, Phil Cooke, William Sheehy, Valerie Norman, Betty Westland, Pamela Devonshire, Andree Nroden, Josie Shehan, Nicholas Arthur, Emma Clarke, Harpal Dhaliwal, John Cremin, Ted Douely, Sylvia Dovely, P Thoms, Geoff Boll, Jacquie Knowles, Kalu Amagu, Donna Fakes, Simone Prandi, Peter Deja, Lorna Cohen-Aspess, Hazelyn Archibald, Ghoria Obilana, Geoff Bell, Simon Slater

Others in attendance

Press: None

Chair Safer Neighbourhood Ward Forum: Sharmayne


Wayne Hylton, Antisocial Behaviour Team, Hackney Housing

Peter Snow, Community Safety (Noise Pollution Team), LB Hackney

Andy Wells, Civil Contingencies and Emergency Planning Manager, LB Hackney

Sophie Bulkeley, Berkeley Homes

Ray Norman, CCTV Manager

John Hart: Young Hackney Core Leader, London Borough of Hackney

Rhoda Hassan, Genesis Housing

Sgt. Alex Bloxham, Woodberry Down Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT)

PC Daniel Gee, Woodberry Down SNT

PC Duane Hughes-Brand, Woodberry Down SNT

PCSO Lynda Downs, Woodberry Down SNT

Rachel Salmon – Ward Forum Support Officer, London Borough of Hackney (minutes)


Cllr Selman introduced the meeting. She invited colleagues from the Police, Council and other agencies to update the meeting on their work to promote safety in Woodberry Down:

Sgt Bloxham from the Woodberry Down Safer Neighbourhood Team reported that their priorities were:

  • Reducing street drinking

  • Tackling illegal drug dealing, and

  • Developing Neighbourhood Watch schemes in the area

Sgt Bloxham said that Sharmayne had now been appointed as Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Panel, which takes place every three months.

The team was encouraging the setting up of a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

The team had organised an estate day involving colleagues from specialist units.

Following intelligence from residents they had apprehended two burglars.

The team has adjusted its shifts so they are on duty during periods of highest crime.

Local residents said they were reluctant to report crime as feared that Police would come to their homes, which may lead to reprisals.

Sgt Bloxham advised residents to tell Police if they did not want to be visited at home. He also advised that members of the public could be interviewed in a neutral place, such as the Redmond Community Centre or at Genesis Housing Association. He also pointed out that residents can contact Crimestoppers, either by telephone or online to report crime anonymously.

Residents also expressed concerns about the time taken to remove abandoned cars and about street drinkers hanging around outside Manor House Station. There was concern that some may come from nearby hostels and that they were not being properly supported by those supposed to be offering sheltered housing.

Residents were also concerned about suspected Crack Houses operating at Chattendon, and Toxteth House. Residents asked if the Council could do more to evict tenants of leaseholders and those housed in these flats by the Council through private landlords. Wayne Hylton at Hackney Homes said Leaseholders and those renting former Council flats on license were subject to rules regarding behaviour and the Local Authority would take enforcement action against those in breach.

Wayne Hylton informed the meeting that he had commissioned a Crime Design Report, which recommended improved lighting on the estate. CCTV Cameras should also be moved if necessary, to cover crime hotspots such as near Rowley Gardens. Ray Norman suggested this could be done in consultation with the Police.

Residents asked whether an improved Warden service could be available on the estate. It was noted that the Berkeley wardens did not patrol near the old blocks. Genesis reported that they had consulted residents about employing additional wardens at the cost of around £4 a week and feedback suggested respondents would not be prepared to pay the additional cost.

Residents suggested the situation may be resolved through:

  • Establishing safe, outdoor communal spaces, along similar lines to Dalston Square;

  • Improving support to people with mental health needs;

  • Providing meaningful activities to older young people (between 19-25 years);

  • Safer Neighbourhood Team attending WDCO Board meetings;

  • WDCO producing a leaflet informing local people about how best to report crimes to the Police/Crimestoppers; and

  • Establishing more Neighbourhood Watch groups;

  • Genesis, the Council and Berkeley to explore whether additional wardens could be provided by pooling resoruces.

What was agreed to be done?

Who agreed to do it?


Suggested the Council, Genesis, Berkeley Homes and the Police liaise to discuss:

  • Ongoing monitoring, support and resolution of reported incidents of ASB, including addressing street drinking around Manor House Station

  • Improved co-ordination between Temporary Housing and Housing Needs to ensure vulnerable tenants are being provided with relevant support

  • the Council, Genesis and Berkeley to consider options for an effective warden service for the estate

Cllrs Burke and Selman, Genesis Housing, Berkeley Homes, London Borough of Hackney (LBH) Community Safety, Hackney Housing, Woodberry Down Safer Neighbourhood Team.


Council to consider redeployment of CCTV cameras.

LBH Community Safety, LBH Housing Services


Woodberry Down Safer Neighbourhood Team to improve communication with residents, including through attendance at WDCO Board and regular meetings of Safer Neighbourhood Ward Forums

Woodberry Down Safer Neighbourhood Team, WDCO, Chair of Safer Neighbourhood Ward Forum


Council Community Safety Officers to coordinate progressing the recommendations contained in the Crime Prevention & Design Survey conducted by PC Whelan. 

London Borough of Hackney Community Safety


Council to consider business case for secure door entry systems for those blocks that don’t currently have them.

LBH Housing Services, LBH Community Safety, LBH Woodberry Down Regeneration Team

Council to effectively enforce the (recently in force) parking restriction including through the prompt removal of abandoned vehicles

LBH Parking Services

Youth engagement activities to continue on the estate

Young Hackney

Residents, coordinated via WDCO / the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Chair, to consider setting up a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme (see http://www.ourwatch.org.uk for advice and guidance).

Residents coordinated via WDCO / the Safer Neighbourhood Ward Chair


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