Cast announced for Drones, Baby, Drones!

Anne Adams, Joseph Balderrama, Sam Dale, Raj Ghatak, Tom McKay & Rose Reynolds
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Three writers. Two plays. One vital tale of power, sex and infighting at the top of the Washington establishment. As Barack Obama prepares to leave office, this world premiere double bill by David Greig, Ron Hutchinson and Christina Lamb probes behind the scenes of America’s controversial drone wars, and asks what they will mean for our future.

Rehearsal photos released for []Tomorrow I Was Always A Lion

Opens next Wednesday – tickets from just £10

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Based on the extraordinary memoir by Arnhild Lauveng, this raw and imaginative new production by Belarus Free Theatre (Burning Doors, Staging A Revolution) tells a uniquely personal story of living with and recovering from schizophrenia and challenges our perceptions of the condition.

Every performance will be followed by Belarusian cuisine and a post-show discussion / facilitation in partnership with Antiuniversity Now.

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[]Kenny Morgan must end this Saturday

We’re very proud to announce that Paul Keating has won the Attitude award for Stage Performance of the Year for playing the title role in Kenny Morgan Read more »
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The rain has finally stopped. 4 people survive. They are in a swan pedalo.

Following rave reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe and fresh from the HighTide Festival, DugOut Theatre – the company that brought you Inheritance Blues and The Sunset Five – come to the Arcola to examine how lies become stories and stories become legend.

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Meet co-writer and actor Tom Black  »

Coming next week…

18 – 22 October

Callisto: A Queer Epic

This bold, ambitious new play traces a constellation of queer stories, reframing past narratives and sculpting future worlds.

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See 5 shows for £50 or less with Arcola Passport.

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26 October

Honeypot Holmes and The Peculiar Case of the Disappearing Wildflowers

Why are the wildflowers disappearing? How do we recognise the signs and what can we do to help? Join Honeypot Holmes, the renowned Bee Detective as she investigates the role of wildflowers in Britain’s eco-system. Supported by Grow Wild.

For all ages

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Arcola Mental Health Men’s Group

Following a sell out production in January 2016, Arcola Mental Health Men’s group (formerly known as Technically Speaking) returns to make theatre which tackles the stigmas surrounding men’s mental health.

We’re looking for men aged 18 and over, whose lives have been affected either directly or indirectly by mental health conditions, and who are passionate about making a difference to their own lives and the lives of others.

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