Stoke Newington Music Festival

23 October at 13:00–21:00


St Pauls Church West Hackney

Stoke Newington Road, N167UY

Stoke Newington Music Festival presents a varied bill for your Sunday entertainment. Free entry: 

13:00 Archway Mountain Lightnin’ Boys
13:40 Rosie Shy
14:00 Stoke Newington School Community Choir
14:30 The Yes Mess
15:00 Nigel Burch & The Fleapit Orchestra
15:30 Feral Five
16:00 Andrew James Brown
16:15 The Drawbacks
17:00 Jace Thompson
17:20 Tom Bland
17:30 Fin O’Brien
17:45 Stokey Bard
17:55 Gaga Ladies
18:15 Fran Isherwood
18:25 Callum Gray
18:45 DJ/break
19:00 Hank Wangford
19:30 Helen McCookerybook
20:00 Mid-Age Rampage
In support of Brook

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