Ayan-ool Sam

Ayan-ool Sam, the legendary Tuvan throat singer and founding member of Alash Ensemble appears solo to explore his particular interest in the intersections between traditional throat singing and contemporary techniques and sounds.
12 Ensemble performs Alex Hills (world premiere), Ruth Crawford Seeger
12 Ensemble, the UK’s foremost un-conducted string ensemble, performs a new commission by the cult composer Alex Hills, who has studied with Michael Finnissy and Brian Ferneyhough, and whose works have included a mash-up of “California Über Alles” by the Dead Kennedys and Nico’s version of the German national anthem.

OutsideIn is a concerto for the unique violinist Aisha Orazbayeva, whose virtuosity, imagination and creative freedom has been a huge influence on the piece. Instead of thinking about the ensembleaccompanying the soloist, I explore a spatial relationship between them – the soloist can belong outside the sound of the ensemble, or be contained within it. The musical lines also move in this way – continually drawn in towards a centre of gravity, then at the end of the piece escaping away from it outwards.” – Alex Hills

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