14th September “Bike Tube” from London Fields to Blackfriars and the South

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Dear Anthony

Do you know someone who wants to cycle to work but needs encouragement? Commuting by bike for the first time can be a challenge, which is why we’re teaming up with Cycle to Work Day on Wednesday 14th September.

Ten guided rides will set off from different corners of London and accompany people to central points in the city. Each ride will be coordinated by experienced ride leaders and supported by volunteer marshals so that first time cycle commuters can learn a route, build confidence and get valuable experience of cycling to work.


The BikeTubes depart from ten locations and follow set routes – 75 cyclists can take part in each ride, meaning 750 people will be able to join rides near to where they live and jump off at the points nearest their workplaces.

Get involved

To take part in the rides, cyclists need to register for their chosen departure point and be able to bring their own bikes. Halfords mechanics will be on hand to carry out bike ‘health checks’ before the ride but participants should also make sure their bikes are in full working order beforehand.

Happy Cycling


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