The Trial of Jane Fonda

The Trial of Jane Fonda

Coming soon to the Park Theatre! Anne Archer (Fatal AttractionPatriot GamesClear and Present Danger) stars in seven-time Emmy Award winner Terry Jastrow’s powerful drama, The Trial of Jane Fonda.

Directed by Joe Harmston, who returns to the Park Theatre after 2013’s critically acclaimed production, The Dead Wait, the play will run from 13 July until 20 August.

The most famous actress of her time, Jane Fonda found herself the centre of widespread controversy as a result of her very public opposition to the Vietnam War.

1972. North Vietnam: Driven to halt the slaughter of young lives, iconic movie star Jane Fonda travels to Vietnam where she is photographed laughing and clapping, astride an anti-aircraft gun, the sole purpose of which is to shoot down American planes. Overnight the soldiers’ sexy pin-up becomes ‘Hanoi Jane’; traitor to her country and betrayer of those very young men.

1988. Waterbury, Connecticut: Bitter demonstrations by veterans halt filming on a movie co-starring Fonda and Robert De Niro. Determined to stop her past dictating her future, Jane requests a meeting and enters a room full of angry men for whom the war still rages.

 The content of the meeting is never divulged.

Having retraced Fonda’s steps in Vietnam, interviewed her guides and interpreters, dozens of veterans and Fonda herself, The Trial of Jane Fonda conjectures the battles which were fought in that encounter, battles which are as much to do with the ability of recorded images to dictate our memories as they are to do with truth.

Idil Sukan

Photographer’s credit: Idil Sukan

The cast also includes Christien Anholt, Martin Fisher, Alex Gaumond, Paul Herzberg, Ako Mitchell and Mark Rose.

Written by Terry Jastrow, Directed by Joe Harmston, Set design by Sean Cavanagh, Composer & Sound Director is Matthew Bugg, Video Projection Designer is Louise Rhoades-Brown, Lighting Design by Tony Simpson, Costume Designer is Roberto Surace, Casting Director is Kate Plantin CDG.

Click here to watch the video of Terry Jastrow and Anne Archer looking ahead to the upcoming production.

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