At the PARK Theatre

The Quiet House [PARK200]

The Quiet House, a breathtaking love story about making babies in the modern way by award winning writer Gareth Farr opened last week and has caused a buzz with rave reviews and audiences laughing and crying in equal amounts.

Click here to see what our VIP guests thought of the show.

Running ’til 9 July

Happy to Help [PARK90 – Opening Week]

Happy To Help

By Michael Ross
Directed by Roxy Cook

An acerbic new comedy about how we’ve become a nation of shop assistants.

Happy to Help was developed with Park Theatre’s Script Accelerator Programme and shortlisted for the 2015 Liverpool Hope Playwriting Prize.

The production has seen immense support for the literary community, with support from the greats, including Tom Stoppard, Michael Frayn, Nick Payne and Alan Bennett, to list a few…

Last week, writer Michael Ross & actor Jonny Weldon discussed the piece on the air with Yasmeen Khan from Talk Radio. Tune in here for the full interview. World Milk Day last week (yes, that’s a thing…) raised a lot of questions about the food industry and the way we treat our farmers – questions that Michael raises in his play. What are the human ramifications of low cost food?

Just hours before opening, it’s shaping up to be a spectacular show. For more rehearsal photos & updates, check out the production’s blog.

And… if you’re a shelf-stacker, or working on the floor in a big supermarket, we want you in our audience! Email with subject “HAPPY TO HELP – SHELF STACKER TIX”, with a photo of your store ID for some free seats to our preview performances! Limited number of tickets available.

Running from 14 June – 9 July


Some Girl(s)

by Neil LaBute
Directed by Gary Condes

Cast includes: Carolyn Backhouse, Elly Condron, Roxanne Pallett, Carley Stenson andCharles Dorfman

Guy is desperate to clear his conscience before he gets married to his beautiful bride to be. But as he sets off on his psychological and physical journey across America, to make amends with four old flames, the question is: is there something – or someone – he’s missing?

With a blend of honesty, humour and heart, this riveting and ultimately liberating dark comedy is the perfect parable of modern relationships.

Written by multi Tony Award nominated Neil LaBute, Some Girl(s) has been performed both in London, New York and was adapted into a film in 2013.

“The most legitimately provocative and polarising playwright at work today”
The New York Times

Running from 14 Jul – 6 Aug

The Trial of Jane Fonda

by Terry Jastrow
Directed by Joe Harmston

Cast includes:

Jane Fonda | Anne Archer
Buzzy Banks | Christien Anholt
Reverend John Clarke | Martin Fisher
Larry Bonk | Alex Gaumond
Joe Celano | Paul Herzberg
Reggie Wells | Ako Mitchell
Tommy Lee Cook | Mark Rose

1972. North Vietnam: Driven to halt the slaughter of young lives, iconic movie star Jane Fonda travels to Vietnam where she is photographed laughing and clapping, astride an anti-aircraft gun, designed to shoot down American planes. Overnight the soldiers’ sexy pin-up becomes ‘Hanoi Jane’; traitor to her country and betrayer of those very young men.

1988. Waterbury, Connecticut: Bitter demonstrations by veterans halt filming on a movie co-starring Fonda and Robert De Niro. Determined to stop her past dictating her future, Jane requests a meeting and enters a room full of angry men for whom the war still rages.

The content of the meeting is never divulged.

Having retraced Fonda’s steps, interviewed her guides, dozens of veterans and Fonda herself, Terry Jastrow’s powerful drama conjectures the battles which were fought in that encounter; battles which are as much to do with the ability of recorded images to dictate our memories as they are to do with truth.

Running from 14 June – 9 July

Sunday Readings in the Park

Breathing Corpses
by Laura Wade
Directed by Charlotte Donachie

Sunday 19 Jun 2pm

Did you ever find a dead body? Would you wonder at the journey that brought you both to the same spot? As Amy, a chambermaid who has the luck of always finding the recently deceased, wonders about the life of a dead occupant of the hotel room she was about to clean, we are invited discover the circumstances that led up to the event in this cleverly constructed drama.

The Lady Is Not For Burning
by Christopher Fry
Directed by Charlotte Donachie

Sunday 26 Jun 2pm

In the mid 15th century a man claiming to be the devil demands to be executed while a peasant girl who made the mistake of showing a little too much intelligence, protests her innocence as she is accused of being a witch. This is all too much for the small village township as they desperately try to come to some kind of decision.

So, as you may know, our season of six plays for Sunday Readings in The Park, all totally different in style, are going to be performed in Rep with the same 12 actors. You will be hard pressed to find another example of an actor being able to illustrate their craft so perfectly. We really are so lucky to be able to announce that: Imogen Smith, Lesley Harcourt, Miram Haque, Toni Kanal, Anthony Zaki, Edward Halstead, Edwin Flay, Eirik Barr, Hari Sajan, Luke Barton, Jay Alwyn and Paul Foulds make up the ensemble.

The new season Rediscovering Rep runs on selected Sundays until 24 July 2016:

On selected Sundays until 24 Jul

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