The Abney Park Gates

cemetery gatesFrom:   Stokey Local
Hi All

To ask you to consider commenting on planning application 2016/0254:
This application by the owner of the ‘nature’ fruit and vegetable shop directly to the left of the main Abney Park gates is to build above the shop. It is not clear at this point if this is 3 additional (including mansard) or 2 floors of office space. The application refers to 3 but the author of the Heritage statement says that is based on the mansard being removed.
The closing date for comments is a week today, Monday 16th May. The dates on the Hackney website are misleading.  You may want to copy your online comments to the planning officer at, gIven comments have previously been lost other local planning applications.
The following are comments that have been raised by others which you may want to consider along with any thoughts you have on the proposals:
General points:
  • Abney Park Cemetery is a designated park on Historic England’s Register of parks and gardens with special historic interest.
  • This building is attached and forms part of the curtilage of the Grade II listed main entrance gates and lodges to Abney Park Cemetery.
Setting and context:
  • The proposals do not respect and are detrimental to the architectural, historic quality and character of the existing lodges and gates.
  • The proposals have a negative impact on the distinctive sense of place and does not respect the visual integrity and established scale/massing/rhythm of the streetscape and adjacent buildings.
  • The proposals have a negative impact on the form and massing of the existing buildings, overshadowing and overbearing the historic entrance gates and lodge.
  • The proposals do not enrich and enhance the built environment and unique local history with a confusing and mis-matched mixture of historic styles.
  • Propotions of openings are not in keeping with existing facades, levels of windows not compatible, with a messy arrangement of varying window types and sizes which do not realte to heights and sizes of openings in adjacent buildings.
  • The mansard is not consistent with adjacent buildings in the terrace and would be an ugly dominant and obtrusive addition to the roofline. 
  • The proposals have not been designed with access to people with disabilities.
Community and amenity:
  • The proposals do not enhance existing open spaces or a make positive contribution to amenity spaces in Hackney.
  • The proposals have significant adverse impacts on the amenities of local residents and park users – overshadowing, reduction of sunlight and daylight to communal gardens, loss of privacy and visual amenity.
  • Proposals do not appear to support local housing demands / need for affordable housing.
  • The current business litters the immediate surrounding area with rubbish blocking the pavement and public spaces and the proposal is likely to make this problem worse. 
Sorry for the short notice, but notification was not received at Abney (or it seems other local neighbours) from the planning department originally, and notices were quickly removed from outside the shop (now up again after Abney was alerted and contact was made with the planning department). 
Comments are being submitted raising concerns on these and other points by Abney Park Trust, Abney Park User Group and Parks and Leisure at the Council, but it be great to have your support too. 
Please also feel free to forward to anyone who you think may be interested.

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