It’s May…
And you never know what “may” happen this month at Greenhouse N16!

Be sure to check our monthly calendar, also listed at the bottom of our newsletter, to be up to date with all the exciting new STUFF we have lined up…

Neon Sign making Workshop

 Learn how to make creative neon signs with
“Neon Workshop”

May – fully booked
Coming up:
June & September
Get in touch to secure a seat @ Greenhouse N16
For more info visit their website

Meet Henry Greenwood!  
Tell us about your business and who you are…
“Green Schools Project is an exciting new social enterprise that helps secondary schools to set up and run a student-led environmental programme. It supports teachers to get a group of students together and run projects such as an energy saving campaign, a recycling programme, and setting up a vegetable garden…” – Henry Greenwood 
Read the full interview here
Henry Greenwood
Green Schools Project

The Simple Digital Marketing Series

Join Kathryn McMann in her digital marketing workshop where she will be demystifying the hype of digital marketing with simple explanations, and practical hands-on learning. 
Every Friday in the Well-being room at the Greenhouse N16 
Doors open 9.30am
Course Starts 10am
Finishes 1.30pmFor more info on course structure and ticket bookings click here


Mondays 19:00 to 21:00
10 weeks long

May 9, 2016 — July  18, 2016 (there is a bank holiday Monday —May 30— and for that reason the course stretches over 11 weeks)
This course is ideal for complete beginners
£325 for 20 hours of tuition, to be paid in 2 instalments – £300 if paid in 1 instalment


Thursdays 13:00 to 14:30 — 10 weeks long
May 12, 2016 — July  14, 2016 

Equivalent to the level B2.1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
You can already handle rather complex grammar forms and can read and write with some level of comfort
£225 for 15 hours of tuition

Craniosacral Therapy Treatment
A light-touch body&mind therapy
To reduce stress, tension, pain and
Increase vitality & resilience
Enquire and Book your Craniosacral appointment by emailing:

Introductory first session: £25 for members; £35 for non-members
Following block of 4 treatments: £30 each for members; £40 for non-members
Individual sessions: £35 for members; £45 for non-members

 Craniosacral Therapy  
 From a personal experience
 “You are probably sitting there questioning the effectiveness of this…whilst trying to pronounce the name…well, naturally you would.
Just like any other natural healing process out there – be it meditation, hypnosis, etc, the patient is just as responsible as the practitioner for freeing themselves from all the mental barriers and working together in order to achieve successful results.

I won’t go on about all the factual jargon about what Craniosacral,is, as you can easily access endless info on that through the web. However, I would like to talk you through my personal experience as I had the pleasure to try this out twice, with one of the therapists at the Greenhouse N16, Clea Sambrook.

So, the first thing Clea did was to ask me a few questions about my daily routine and what I usually do to unwind in a very casual manner…
Then she asks you to take your shoes off and lie down. She covers you up to your chin with a blanket, tells you to get comfortable whilst clearing your mind, focusing just on your body. The treatment then begins with a light touch on the ankles and pauses there for some time… until she then moves on to all the other prevalent points in the body Cranio focuses on.  

Initially, I found myself quite confused by what I was supposed to experience. After about a minute or so into the session however, I began feeling strange tingle coming from my ankles, shooting upwards in my body. It’s hard to describe, but it was as if Clea was projecting an energy through me… It reminded me of the time I walked into a Gong Bath, for filming purposes, and next thing I knew I was unintentionally participating in the session as I couldn’t ignore the effect the Gongs strength had on me. In the beginning, I actually felt slightly nauseous by the idea of this – but then it occurred to me that it’s all a matter of mental state. I had the option of either rejecting what I was picking up on or engaging into this energetic filed between patient and therapist, allowing myself to experience it on a positive level. I had a few of those elongated sighs where it seems like you are pushing a submarine off your chest and then It didn’t take long before I was literally knocked out in deep trance, catching myself before snoring out loud.
That calming effect remained with me for the following few days and worked as a constant reminder during the everyday madness to take a step back and enjoy the ride.
Like I said earlier on, it’s up to you how successful this treatment will be, but in my honest opinion it’s a unique experience!!”
Rhea Lazarides 

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