The Others Thursday Jamming Society

Thursday at 19:00–0:01
5 May at 19:00 to 6 May at 0:01
Show Map
The Others
N16 5
A jam session where the devil is in the detail – our policy is that the loudest musician has to be hearing the detail of the quietest musician, for the best balance, the deepest flow….. we like to hear the vocalists expression in all it’s fullness.
With a full PA, drumkit, bass and guitar amps, piano and mics, with congas and percussion and monitors and helpful sound crew, this session has built a solid reputation over the past year, for exquisite and expressive jams.
Featuring spoken word, song and instrumental breaks.
This Thursday, May the 5th, 2016 we are delighted to have as our house band and hosts, the very finely tuned,
We have had some truly gorgeous, exciting, heart warming session together, growing stronger with each month!
London-based collective of Musicians, Poets, Friends |
HipHop+Funk+Soul x (Improvisation&Freestyle) /Positive Vibes – Egotism = Shop Floor Sessions
It all started in September 2012 – with friends wanting to play music and luckily having a nice space in their house, a squatted shop – with a piano and a portable sound system on the shop floor.
They had a jam. It was great. They had some more jams. They brought their friends. These again brought some of their friends. It grew, it morphed. It was beautiful.
The Jam sessions became an incredible, positive, affirmative space where all were encouraged to experiment and where they found little judgement, only supportiveness, encouragement, creativity and new friendships – breaking down boundaries of the differences between them. It kept going beyond the shop floor, once they got evicted.
And eventually became what it is today!
Musicians change places, the vibe grows and grows…
7pm til just after midnight.
And it’s all free.
Small Bar, comfy chesterfields, smokers garden – what’s not to like about a jam session at the legendary The Others!

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