Poetry in Manor Road


1 May at 19:00 in UTC+01

Next Week


Stoke Newington’s Church Street,Address: 6 & 8 Manor Rd, London N16 5SA

Come for a Night of Music, Poetry, Jamming and an Open Mic Cypher! 

MC Solomon
KP Kev the Poet
Karoo Chanti
David Lee Morgan
Hannah Gordon
Space Girll 
John Blake -aka Peoples Floet

and lots more 7pm – Midnight.

Open Mic and Cypher sign up starts at 7pm so please arive early and list is first come first served!!

The theme is also going to be Banking System and how money is created and controlled we are going to be performing Odes/oweds to the banks! The Poets of Re;Evolution. The Re:evolution is on…

Anyone wanting to put your name on the list to perform that has specific tracks on banking system/justice in money system can you please message the break the code page and send a link to your work? The main room is getting chocca now but we are maybe going to have campfire in the garden..and we may be able to feature people messaging the page on future videos, and events..so worth getting in touch to introduce yourself and build the community!

Entry £4 on door or subscribe to email updates and come free!

How to subscribe to email updates; if you send a message to the Break the Code Page www.facebook.com/discreditcard letting us know you are going to be coming to the event and giving your email address. Alternative Economy! We just need you to message by 7pm on April 30th so we the Venue can plan numbers as this is gonna be HUGE! In an Intimate sort of way that is! If your not on facebook then can also email loudspekalive@gmail.com saying your coming..
Yeah thanks




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