Dalston Residents’ Events

Tuesday 2nd February 6.30pm at CLR James Library

Police Community Liaison Dalston Ward meeting.

Find out what crimes happened where over recent month and have a significant say in how the police are deployed over coming months.  Abbie Cameron is the new Officer is charge at Dalston and is really keen to let local residents set her priorities.


Friday 5th February 2.30pm from 431, Queensbridge Road

Dalston Lane West Conservation Area Review; Walkabout

The new Dalston Conservation Area covering Kingsland High Street will go for Cabinet approval in February and work is starting on the extension of the Dalston Lane West Area to include the historic buildings around Ashwin Street. If you want to join an initial walk around the areas under consideration please email matt.payne@hackney.gov.uk, the Lead Officer for the project.


 Friday 12th February 9.30am HCD C5 meeting room, Bradbury Street

Crossrail 2: Minimising the impact on Bradbury Street.

Residents will be meeting Officers from Transport for London and Hackney Council. This block is accessed from the Gillett Square entrance by the Jazz Café off Bradbury Street, not the entrance from Boleyn Road by the Vortex Jazz Bar. Press the buzzer when you get there and someone will let you in.  Corridor C is on the third floor. If you are planning to come, please notify them at http://goo.gl/forms/Q7mLgImwwp so that a they can check that the venue will provide sufficient space.

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