at Dalston Superstore

Wednesday sees the much-anticipated launch of Emma Rudge’s exhibition Self-Memory-System, before late night Wednesday collective Uncontrollable Urge serve you weirdo-electro til the wee hours. Tayylor Made joins us for Thursday lezz fest Clam Jam, before the WUT Club debut on Friday night! Come Saturday, Bristol’s PLU bring you Cult Culture, before we round of your weekend with a big ol’ exclamation point at Last Resort!


Introducing, Cult Culture‘s special guest Brian Not Brian! He has done an exclusive mix ahead of Saturday night – in his words, a bunch of “Fuck you, you left me and I don’t want your kinda love!” type disco & house that will have you dancin’ with wild abandon!


Arthole is proud to present Self-Memory-System, a solo exhibition by East London-based artist Emma Rudge. It represents an ongoing project exploring the idea of narrative identity or the constant reconstruction and editing of memories.

Exhibition opening
Wednesday 27th January


Join the event on Facebook 


See you on the dancefloor, hunnies!

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