Council Wednesday, 27th January, 2016 7.00 pm Includes a deputation on Prostitution and Anti-social behaviour in the Lordship Park area


Venue: Council Chamber, Hackney Town Hall, Mare Street, London E8 1EA

Contact: Emma Perry, Governance Services  Tel: 020 8356 3338 Email:

Includes a deputation on Prostitution and Anti-social behaviour in the Lordship Park area

Anti-Social behaviour associated with Prostitution

This deputation of residents from Lordship Park area seeks to draw attention to the serious anti-social behaviour associated with prostitution in a residential area with a high proportion of children and young people. Problems include:


  • Kerbcrawlers approaching and following residents, including young teenage girls. Many have criminal records for serious sexual assault
  • A high level of drug use, with drug dealers frequenting the area and drug paraphernalia, including needles, left in gardens and public spaces
  • Litter such as condoms
  • Sexual activity taking place in cars, front gardens and public spaces
  • Frequent loud noise


We ask the Council to work with other relevant agencies (including the police, Open Doors which provides outreach support to the women) to find long term solutions through measures including:


  • Moveable permanent cameras to act as a deterrent and allow kerbcrawlers to be identified and prosecuted
  • Dedicated police patrols and regular surveillance operations in the Lordship Park area
  • Improved lighting in public spaces such as car parks
  • Continued funding for outreach work to protect women’s health and to provide alternatives to prostitution


The deputation will be introduced by Cllr Sophie Cameron and Cllr Rosemary Sales.

The deputation spokespersons are Penelope Roskell Griffiths and Lee Stacy.

Note No. Item
1. Apologies for Absence
2. Speaker’s Announcements
3. Declarations of Interest

This is the time for Members to declare any disclosable pecuniary or other non-pecuniary interests they may have in any matter being considered at this meeting having regard to the guidance attached to the agenda.


Members are reminded that, under Section 106 of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, any Member who is an arrears of two or more months Council Tax must declare it at the meeting and abstain from voting on agenda item 9.

4. Minutes of the previous meeting – 25 November 2015 PDF 272 KB
5. Deputations
5a Sporting Hackney FC and a Hackney community football ground

This deputation calls for a commitment from the Council:


  • to work with Sporting Hackney Football Club on establishing a community football ground in the borough of a high enough standard and specification to host non league football up to step 3 of the Football Association’s non league structure.


  • to identify a suitable site within Hackney for such a development and work with sports funding bodies, developers and SHFC to raise funding for the ground.


  • to recognise Sporting Hackney’s position as the highest level adult football club in the borough and the prospective primary tenant of the ground.


  • acknowledge the role that such a facility would play in boosting football development in the borough and the benefits it would bring to Hackney community sport and the borough’s profile.


  • to acknowledge SHFC’s commitment to improving football in the local community, particularly its role in building a link between local youth football and adult football of a high standard.


  • to recognise the progress SHFC made towards this goal by working in partnership with local education and coaching organisations such as City Academy school, Badu Sports and Dynamic Academy.


  • to extend Sporting Hackney’s Community Use Agreement with the Council, which provides priority use of show pitch 1 at Hackney Marshes until a community ground of higher standard is available for its use.


The deputation will be introduced by Cllr Desmond

The deputation spokesperson is Matthew Brown


6. Questions from Members of the Public

6.1  From Christopher Sills to the Mayor:

What was the original budget for the improvements to the Town Hall? How much has been spent to 31st December 2015 (or any other convenient date) and what is the estimated completion cost? In the event of an overspending, please could you give the reasons?


7. Questions from Members of the Council

7.1  From Cllr Kam Adams to the Cabinet Member for Regeneration:

“With regards to the decision made by the Mayor of London to call in the Bishopsgate Goodsyard planning application, can the Cabinet Member for Regeneration update members on the steps the Council is taking to ensure that the voices of residents and businesses in Hoxton East are heard?”


7.2  From Cllr Carole Williams to the Deputy Mayor:

“To ask the Deputy Mayor what the Council is doing to ensure that Hackney does not permanently lose a fire engine from Shoreditch Fire Station as proposed by the Fire Commission in his latest budget consultation?”


7.3  From Cllr Mete Coban to the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services:

“In the Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced the new funding formula and that education funding would be frozen despite an increase in student numbers. Could the Cabinet Member for Children’s Services update members on what potential impact this may have for education and schools in Hackney?”


7.4  From Cllr Rebecca Rennison to the Cabinet Member for Finance:

“Can the Cabinet Member for Finance update members as to how many households living in Hackney are now subject to the benefit cap?”


7.5  From Cllr Emma Plouviez to the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Sustainability:

“Councillors for London Fields ward have received many enquiries from local residents regarding the proposed road closure proposals in our ward. Can the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Sustainability reassure me that the residents’ concerns will be taken on board as part of the public consultation?”


7.6  From Cllr Sophie Cameron to the Cabinet Member for Housing:

“Can the Cabinet Member for Housing give an update on what he, Hackney Council and Hackney Homes are doing to improve the performance of the repairs contact centre?”


7.7  From Cllr Sharon Patrick to the Cabinet Member for Housing:

“In light of the Prime Minister’s recent commitment to invest in the rebuilding of 100 housing estates across the country, can the Cabinet Member for Housing update members on the support the Government currently provides to delivering good quality social housing here in Hackney and what work is taking place not just to rebuild but upgrade existing housing stock?”


7.8  From Cllr Rob Chapman to the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Sustainability:

“With the coldest winter in 58 years set to hit UK, can the Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods and Sustainability set out what measures will be put in place to prepare the borough for the extreme weather?”

8. Elected Mayor’s Statement (standing item)
9. Report from Cabinet: Calculation of Council Tax Base and Local Business Rates Income 2016/17 PDF 107 KB

Additional documents:

10. Report from Corporate Committee: Senior Manager Pay Policy Statement 2016/17 PDF 139 KB
11. Report of the Corporate Director Director Legal, HR and Regulatory Services: Hackney Homes Transition – Changes to Hackney Council’s Constitution PDF 93 KB

Additional documents:

12. Report of the Corporate Director Legal, HR and Regulatory Services: Changes to the Council’s Constitution PDF 89 KB

Additional documents:

13. Report of the Children and Young People Scrutiny Commission and Executive Response: Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) PDF 142 KB

Additional documents:

14. Motion

Housing and Planning Bill

This Council notes:

The Housing and Planning Bill currently being debated in Parliament, will (if it receives Royal Assent) have significant, far reaching and adverse implications for local residents, the supply of truly affordable housing and the Council, specifically:


·  A requirement for the Council to sell ‘high-value’ council homes on the open market;


·  The imposition of a levy or ‘housing tax’ on the Council to fund Housing Association right to buy tenant discounts, which could be anywhere in England;


·  A requirement that the Council charges market or near market rents where households renting from the Council have an annual income of £40,000 or more;


·  A new restriction on the Council to offer 5 year or shorter tenancies for new tenants;


·  The introduction of ‘starter homes’ as new form of ‘affordable’ housing tenure.


The Council has been involved in providing detailed evidence to the Housing & Planning Bill Committee, submitting amendments and suggested new clauses to the Bill, receiving evidence from a range of concerned organisations through its Living in Hackney Scrutiny review, with the objective of highlighting the adverse impact this Bill will have on Hackney through the loss of social rented and truly affordable accommodation in the borough.

The Bill in its current form will…


·  undermine the Council’s ability to comply with its statutory homeless obligations resulting in families staying longer in temporary accommodation.


·  place further pressure on the Council’s overall temporary accommodation budget.


·  result in additional Council expenditure to administer and enforce the Government’s pay to stay proposals.


·  result in ‘starter homes’ being built in place of social housing which will be unaffordable to Hackney families and young people on ordinary incomes.


·  further reduce the supply of affordable housing by undermining section 106 requirements on private developers to provide affordable homes.


·  undermine and put at risk the Councils housing regeneration programme.


·  provide no guarantee that the truly affordable social rented, homes the Council is forced to sell will be replaced like-for-like in Hackney.


·  undermine local democracy and decision making by taking 32 new wide and open-ended powers for the Secretary of State over councils,


o  including the power to override locally agreed plans,


o  to mandate rent levels for social tenants,


o  to impose a housing levy on stock-holding councils, violating the terms of the housing revenue account self-financing deal Councils agreed with the government.


Whilst the Bill takes forward some of the measures the Council has been recommending in its private rented sector 10 Steps campaign, it does not address the affordability, poor conditions and insecurity issues in the private rented sector in Hackney– and as such will do nothing to help arrest the recent rise in homelessness.

This Council resolves:


·  To make clear its opposition to the Housing and Planning Bill and continue to warn the Government and others of the impact of the Housing & Planning Bill on Hackney particularly with respect to the likely damage of housing tax or levy, the extension of right-to-buy and the ‘starter homes’ requirement on the local  …  view the full agenda text for item 14.

5 minutes 15. Appointments to Committees (standing item)

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