At the RIO

From Friday

Carol (15)

Director Todd Haynes continues his string of sensitive and intelligent reworkings of classic Hollywood melodrama, once again distinguished by standout performances. Both Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara, as the two women entangled in an intoxicating relationship, are simply phenomenal in this exquisite and poignant meditation on longing.

Fri 4, Sat 5 & Fri 11 Dec, 11.30pm

Love 3D (18)

French cine-provocateur Gaspar Noé continues to extend boundaries and enter the voids where others rarely tread, and this time he does so in 3D. LOVE contains shocking and explicit moments but these give way to a revealing examination of love and sex that is portrayed with an all too rare honesty.

Saturday 5 December, 11.00am

Inside Out (U)

The newest addition to the Pixar library of modern animated classics is inventive, gorgeously animated, and very moving. INSIDE OUT is a charming mix of humour and heartbreak with much food for thought and one of the most original and unmissable films of the year.

Saturday 5 December, 1.15pm

Come to my Voice (15)

Set against the stunning landscape around Lake Van in south-eastern Turkey – whose beauty is in stark contrast to the fear, oppression and sense of loss that stalks the region – it’s a beautifully crafted piece of storytelling that movingly captures the sense of a community burdened by loss.
Hüseyin Karabey’s second feature premièred at the Berlin Film Festival will be introduced by the Kurdish Film Festival. Ticket price is only £3 for all Hackney Libraries members.

From Saturday 5 December

Taxi Tehran (12A)

Panahi, driving passengers around Tehran disguised as a cabbie, captures a lively and revealing snapshot of a cross-section of Iranian society, mixing the comedic with the political in a characteristic blurring of the boundaries between fact and fiction. Ingenious, exciting, and entertaining.

Todd Haynes Double Bill
Sunday 6 December


Safe (15)

One of the very great movies of the 1990s, and arguably director Todd Haynes’ masterpiece, SAFE has been described as an existential horror movie in which the monster is both all around us and nowhere to be seen. The American landscape of the late 1980s – a time when the Aids epidemic was at its height – is brilliantly, provocatively and unnervingly captured.


Far From Heaven (12A)

The director of CAROL is most admired for his subversive and sleek stylistically sumptuous, thematically subversive revisits to/updates of classic Hollywood melodramas and particularly those which centre on women who defy rigid social orders. FAR FROM HEAVEN is a portrait of desire thwarted by the social rules and restrictions of a repressive era as represented by life in Hartford, Connecticut in 1957.

Thursday 10th December, 7.30pm

Little Wander proudly presents
Comedy at the Rio (18)

Starring: James Acaster Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015; Lou Sanders 
As seen on Stewart Lee’s Alternative Comedy Experience; Lloyd Langford 
Co-host of The Rhod Gilbert Radio Show; Josie Long Triple Edinburgh Comedy Award Nominee

From 18th November to 12th December

Electric (15)

A new promenade theatre production in the basement of the Rio.

The Big House (TBH) is a local charity based in Dalston working with young people who have been though the care system. TBH works with some of the most socially excluded young people, who due to multiple broken down placements at a young age have lost trust with statutory services.

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From Fri 11 Dec

Ice in the Sky (U)

The director of the wonderful MARCH OF THE PENGUINS, Luc Jacquet, returns to the Antarctic to trace the fascinating life and groundbreaking work of French explorer and glaciologist Claude Lorius, whose work irrefutably established the link between man-made greenhouse gases and climate change. 


Sun 13 Dec, 2pm

NT Live! Encore
Jane Eyre (12A)

This acclaimed re-imagining of Brontë’s masterpiece, a recording of the December 8 live performance, was first staged by Bristol Old Vic last year, when the story was performed over two evenings. Director Sally Cookson now brings her celebrated production to the National Theatre, presented as a single, exhilarating performance.

From Thu 17th Dec

Star Wars: The Force Awakens 3D (12A tbc)

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away (1977 to be precise) George Lucas transformed the stuff of 1930s Saturday Morning sci-fi serials such as FLASH GORDON into a culturally iconic phenomenon. Now with STAR TREK director JJ Abrams in charge, the omens are good for an epic return to greatness as the great adventure continues.

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