Yoga for Babies at Crouch End



When a baby is born, our lives change… we learn why sleep deprivation is a form of torture and how bright a 5am full moon is and not because we have been out clubbing!

There are many classes and groups for babies, but often the focus is either on the baby, and the parent is there to feed and change them, or on the parent, and the baby needs to attend a crèche. For those mums and/or dads looking for a class that caters for both … look no further … then baby yoga!

Baby Yoga classes offer exercise for PARENTS AND BABIES! These classes are a mix of exercises for both. For the babies, the focus is on aiding babies to roll, sit, crawl and stand and include songs and signs to encourage speech and language. All the exercises are carefully structured to be adapted to the babies’ ages and stages of development. For the mums, breathing techniques are demonstrated to help strengthen their abdominal muscles after pregnancy, and stretches given to help with neck and back strain, as well as wonderful tips on how to pick up babies and carry for maximum back care. Dads are welcome and love the class too .

The classes are flexible, taking into account the fact that babies cry, sleep and feed all at different times. The babies are the teachers, they will tell us when they have had enough, and when they want more!

This method of infant yoga is adapted from Hatha yoga postures and offers physical stimulation, helping the babies to strengthen their spines and develop supple joints. Infant yoga helps to stimulate digestion, which in turn can reduce constipation issues in babies. Certain yoga postures help with the pain of teething too and most babies have a long sleep after all the action!! … One mum wrote:

I just wanted to send you a quick email to tell you how much we enjoyed your wonderful baby yoga classes and how sad we are that they are over!

I am not sure quite where to begin as we gained so much over the last couple of months – not only did we both have a lot of fun (and I always left the class feeling a load better than when I arrived – usually late, stressed and tired with 9 months sleep deprivation under my belt!) but I have come away with so much that feels almost embedded in my subconscious now; I find myself naturally holding Noah in some of the positions you taught and, similarly, find myself randomly hanging the little man upside down in one of your inversions!!!

We both absolutely adored the singing and dancing (in particular the welcome songs, the hidey scarf song and the hokey cokey!!!) and our Tuesdays won’t be the same.

You may remember that Noah sang and smiled his way through the last session on Tuesday – a sure testament that even a crazy 9-month old who doesn’t sit still can enjoy baby yoga! Anyway, thank you – you and your yoga have left a lasting impression.
Debbie & Noah

Infant yoga is a way of moving on from baby massage when they become more active… from around 4 months to active crawling. The classes also include activities that can enhance hand to eye co-ordination as well as a few surprises!

Each session lasts for one and a quarter hours but there is a break in the middle for a drink and time to socialise and share baby topics with other parents in the group, usually whilst the majority of babies feed.

As a mum of two Jay feels very connected with Crouch End, having attended wonderful baby/toddler classes for 5 years with both her children!! Jay teaches baby massage and baby yoga classes at the Union Church Community Centre, N8

For more information have a look on line at or email

When and Where

Tuesdays 10.15 – 11.30 am

Union Church Community Centre,
Weston Park, Crouch End, London N8 9PX

For class details and costs please email Jay as booking is necessary for these classes.

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