At the Rio

From Friday

Brooklyn (12A)

Saoirse Ronan is simply magnificent as she transforms from young wallflower to confident adult without a hint of melodrama in this touching and tender tale of family, memory, and making a new home.

Tangerine (15)

It’s Christmas Eve on the sun-blasted streets of Hollywood as two transsexuals set out on a manic odyssey – an electric, wildly subversive, often hilarious, ride on and beyond the fringes of LA’s subculture. A complete original which defies expectations at every turn.
The screening on Friday at 21.15 is followed by a Q&A with writer Chris Bergoch.

Saturday 14 November, 11.00am

Ghosthunters (PG)

When 11-year-old Tom discovers a slimy green ghost called Hugo in his cellar he is understandably afraid but soon realises that Hugo is an ASG (Averagely Spooky Ghost), who is not only completely harmless but also desperately in need of his help. A fun-filled family fantasy with a charm all of its own.

Sunday 15 November
The Rio at 100 Double Bill


Regeneration (PG)

REGENERATION is a re-discovered movie milestone which with its religious themes, mobile camerawork, and potent evocation of its grim locations has been called the spiritual ancestor of Martin Scorsese’s MEAN STREETS.


+ The Cheat (PG)

A scandal in 1915 because of its explosive sexual and racial content, THE CHEAT also emphatically announced the arrival of director Cecil B. DeMille whose 40 year Hollywood career was just beginning.

Wednesday 18 November, 2.30pm

Classic  Matinee
Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde(12A)

Celebrating the ghoulish season with a horror classic, this 1941 film adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Gothic Fiction will twist your thoughts into frenzy and cast an eerie shadow over your dreams.

Wednesday 18 November, 8.30pm

Love 3D (18)

French cine-provocateur Gaspar Noé continues to extend boundaries and enter the voids where others rarely tread, and this time he does so in 3D. LOVE contains shocking and explicit moments but these give way to a revealing examination of love and sex that is portrayed with an all too rare honesty.

+ An exclusive filmed introduction from director Gaspar Noé.

Thursday 19 November, 7pm

NT Live: Of Mice and Men (12A)

The acclaimed and hit Broadway production of John Steinbeck’s timeless classic as filmed on stage in New York by National Theatre Live, is a riveting and powerful tale about the boundless bonds of friendship.

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Fri 20 Nov, 8.30pm

Preview + Director Q&A

Irish Film Festival London 2015
With truly, stunning performances from both Brie Larson and young Jason Tremblay, ROOM, is moving, magnificent and unmissable.

+ Post-screening Q&A via Skype with director Lenny Abrahamson in L.A.

Sat 21 Nov, 11.30pm

Hotline Bling Film Club presents 
Purple Rain(15)

For our first edition we examine gender fluidity and peacocking via Prince’s cinematic extravaganza PURPLE RAIN plus a rarely screened cross-cultural short film collision between iconic African-American pop and New Hollywood sensibilities.

Sun 22 Nov, 3.00pm

Written in Dust (15)

Friends. Money. Love. Lies. Betrayal. WRITTEN IN DUST is a contemporary silent film, directed by Gareth Rees, with a live music score which combines classical Chinese themes with modern electronic sounds.

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