New planning application for Tesco site, 130 Kingsland High Street

New planning application for Tesco site, 130 Kingsland High Street

by site administrator

After three rejections of previous planning applications, a new application for a 6-storey building has been made on the site of the Tesco Express on the corner of Kingsland High Street and Sandringham Road.

Like previous applications, this one seems to be trying to pack as much accommodation as possible onto a small site. Like previous ones, it also proposes to get rid of the open space currently occupied by the Tesco car park (which has always been open space – historically this was the churchyard of a church set back from the road) and encroaches up to the pavement, removing space for pedestrians. Like previous applications it will also tower over the neighbouring 4-storey parades of shops in Kingsland High Street. And like previous ones it will be higher than the iconic listed Rio Cinema building diagonally opposite.

The developers’ picture below shows how it will block the open views to the east from John Campbell Road.

morris house view from JC road

This picture seems to have been taken from as low an angle as possible to disguise the height difference between the proposed new building and the Rio Cinema. In fact it will be considerably higher – a good storey and a half taller.

Viewed from Sandringham Road it will be even more dominating, because of the slope of road.

Further details of the proposal can be seen by going to

and searching for planning application number 2015/2882

You can comment on the application online or write to the same application number.

The deadline for applications is November 30th, 2015.

From Rio Cross residents association

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