Casting Call for Christmas Jumpers Theatre Night!

Posted on November 9, 2015

Are you an actor or interested in acting?

We are seeking actors to volunteer for our charity fundraising Christmas Jumpers Theatre Night, to be held downstairs at Ryan’s Bar, 181 Stoke Newington Church Street on Wednesday 9th December. All money raised will go to ITV’s Text Santa campaign, raising money for Save The Children, Make-A-Wish UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

We have a range of roles in some great plays just waiting for actors to bring them to life. As some parts are quite small, we welcome actors who may want to play more than one part.

To apply for any of the roles, please:

  1. read the synopsis & character description for each play (information below)
  2. read the play (links below)
  3. prepare a video audition for the part(s) you wish to play (this can be recorded on your phone, needn’t be high quality)
  4. send your video to, indicating which part(s) you are applying for and including any relevant information about your acting experience

Actors applying for these roles should:

  1. be over 21 (due to licensing restrictions at the venue)
  2. live in, or be able to travel to Stoke Newington for rehearsals and the performance
  3. able to volunteer their time for free, as this is charity event
  4. ideally have previous experience acting on stage (but not essential)

We plan to hold rehearsals during week beginning 30th November, dates & times to be arranged to accommodate actors’ availability. There will be a dress rehearsal on 8th December and the theatre night itself takes place on 9th December.

If you have any questions please email

(click on the title of each play to open a PDF copy)

1. ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas by Sarah Milton

This short monologue is a modern re-telling of the classic Christmas poem.

PERFORMER – male or female, any age

2. The New Gospel of Christmas by Rachel Macaulay

Susan is rushed off her feet preparing for Christmas. So the last thing she needs is a visit from Jesus with a bone to pick about how his birth is celebrated.

JESUS – male, late 20s or older, a bratty messiah with a delicate ego and an inflated idea of his own importance

SUSAN – female, late 20s or older, a busy wife & mother, martyred to her Christmas to-do list. No time for shenanigans

3. Regifting by Steven Korbar

Exhausted after a Christmas Eve of wrapping presents, a pair of sisters face their worst nightmare; a visit from a surprise gift giver for whom they have no return present.

RACHEL – female, 20s-30s, a bit of a drama queen, prone to panic

MICHELLE – female, 20s-30s, a problem-solver, practical and quick-witted

4. Christmas Panda by Claire Boot

A panda, desperate for a chance to shine, auditions for a nativity play.

PANDA – male or female, any age, likeable, bubbly and super-keen

DIRECTOR – male or female, any age, easily exasperated

PRODUCER – male or female, any age, polite and professional

JETHRO/PEAS – male or female, any age, auditioning for nativity play

5. The Reunion by Gemma Mills McGrath

A letter comes out of the blue, bringing with it painful memories, forgotten feelings, and plans for a reunion.

MAN – male, 40s or older, a decent man, ground down by life, ideally Irish accent

WOMAN – female, 40s or older, a haunted, nervous woman, ideally Irish-American accent

6. Gone to Pot by Lucy Beacon

Elderly Joan, a reluctant attendee at her community centre’s Christmas tea party, is paired with troubled young Dwayne, serving community service, and an unlikely friendship is formed.

JOAN – female, 60s or older, blunt yet kind, fed-up with the loneliness of old age

DWAYNE – male, teens, a boy let down by the system, in need of guidance and support

Please note that the plays are copyright of their respective authors.

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