Woodburner is back in everyone’s favourite secret Dalston venue


3 November

at 19:00–23:00

                    Secret Location, Dalston


Woodburner is back in everyone’s favourite secret Dalston venue for a fantastic night of live music – probably one of the strongest lineups we’ve ever had! Our last event there sold out so be sure to buy your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

Sura Susso & Max Baillie

Two hereditary musicians collide from different continents. Kora player Sura Susso, Gambian griot, takes his breathtaking musicianship from his father and forefathers and spreading the beaty and magic of the kora tradition across the globe. Max Baillie, son of concert cellist Alexander, breathes musical life into everything he touches, be it his solo Bach preludes (recently performed on BBC One), gypsy bands, afro-mandolin jams, or as a late night DJ. When Sura and Max sit down to play, the audience know they are sharing air with a truly world-class, unique collaboration.

Whiskey Moon Face

From street corners to muddy fields, cabaret clubs to huge festival stages, wine bars to spectacular weddings, Whiskey Moon Face are forever on the move; double bass by the side and accordion trolleying behind. Whether it’s a jazz gig, a tour of Russia, or a raucous late-night jam, it feels like the party never stops.

We have been there right from the beginning, hosting their very first gig at The George, and it’s with great pleasure that we present them to you in their current, jaw-droppingly brilliant state, with Louisa Jones’ sumptuous voice and songwriting, Ewan Bleach’s virtuosic clarinet, and Dakota Jim’s unique vibes on bass.


UK Loop Station champion Dawson has been smashing his solo show all over Europe this summer, rocking parties and composing new music for a new record – if what you need is a bit of sunshine in music form, he is undoubtedly your man. As with many of the acts we host, he’s also a London busking legend – the true mark of top quality music! We can’t wait…

Tickets £7 ADVANCE ONLY – Buy now!

7pm – 11pm


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