Planning Applications

2015/3532 at 53 Lordship Road London N16 0QJ is 180 metres away. “Erection of part single storey, part three storey rear extension at lower ground floor level (following demolition of existing rear outrigge”. View it at

2015/3688 at 93 Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 0AS is 637 metres away. “Discharge of conditions 3 (ventilation extract system), 4 (sound insulation) and 7 (customer management plan) of planning permission 2015/06”. View it at

2015/3286 at 79 Red Square 3 Piano Lane Hackney London N16 9AY is 757 metres away. “Change of use from Live / Work to residential (Use Class C3).”. View it at

2015/3208 at O/S 316 Green Lanes London N4 1BX is 927 metres away. “Erection of replacement public telephone kiosk (combining telephone and ATM services) on the public highway outside 316 Green Lanes/Junction”. View it at

2015/3601 at 12 Kynaston Road London N16 0EX is 884 metres away. “Erection of extension to main roof level and extension over the existing two-storey outrigger.”. View it at

2015/3603 at 169 Blackstock Road London N4 2JS is 950 metres away. “Certificate of Lawfulness: Proposed change of use of building from mixed use as retail shop (Use Class A1) and a flat (Use Class C3) to mixe”. View it at

2015/3576 at 12 Lordship Road London N16 0QT is 496 metres away. “Erection of a mansard roof”. View it at

2015/3573 at Aikin Court, 29-35 Barbauld Road London N16 0RU is 928 metres away. “Demolition of existing buildings and erection of a part-2, part-4 storey building to provide 7 residential units (2 x 4 bed, 4 x 3 bed and 1”. View it at

2015/3622 at 6 Wilderton Road London N16 5QZ is 995 metres away. “Prior approval for the construction of a single storey rear extension measuring 6m from the original building wall (depth) with an eave heig”. View it at

2015/3602 at 12 Kynaston Road London N16 0EX is 884 metres away. “External alterations to the front elevation to include the installation of a bay window at ground floor level.”. View it at

2015/3246 at 24 Adolphus Road London N4 2AZ is 846 metres away. “Erection of a two storey (plus basement) 1-bed residential unit.”. View it at

2015/3484 at 254 Albion Road London N16 9JP is 523 metres away. “Replacement of existing doors and windows to rear at lower ground floor level.”. View it at

2015/3523 at 43 Heron Drive London N4 2FS is 554 metres away. “Rear Garden – Cabbage Tree (Livistona Australis) and Oak Tree – Fell and cut stumps to ground level.”. View it at

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