Planning Applications

2015/2671 at 31 Cranwich Road, London, N16 5HZ is 877 metres away. “Rear Garden – Lime Trees (T5 and T6) and Elder Group (G1) – fell to ground and treat stumps.”. View it at

2015/2426 at The Kings Crescent Estate Queens Drive London N4 2XD is 612 metres away. “Erection of site hoardings (partially internally illuminated) fronting the Green Lanes boundary of the Kings Crescent Estate between 3000mm “. View it at

2015/2967 at Site identified in Woodberry Down Masterplan as Phase 3 Woodberry Down Estate London N4 2SF is 981 metres away. “Application for Reserved Matters in respect of Access, Appearance, Landscaping, Layout and Scale for Phase 3 pursuant to condition 52 of hyb”. View it at

2015/2997 at 176 Stoke Newington Church Street London N16 0JL is 501 metres away. “Erection of replacement partially openable shopfront with external lighting.”. View it at

2015/2237 at 9D Cranwich Road London N16 5HZ is 837 metres away. “Insertion of window to front elevation, enlargement of existing ground floor front windows and insertion of bi-fold doors in ground floor re”. View it at

2015/3152 at 29 Listria Park London N16 5SW is 746 metres away. “Erection of rear full-width dormer to the rear rooflslope; rooflights to the front rooflsope; alterations to the rear fenestration at baseme”. View it at

2015/3084 at 15 Listria Park London N16 5SW is 744 metres away. “erection of a single storey rear extension”. View it at

2015/2998 at Manor Parade 9 Manor Road Hackney London N16 5SG is 852 metres away. “Erection of part three storey, part single storey rear extensions at ground floor level, erection of rear roof extension and alterations to “. View it at

2015/3099 at 94 Fairholt Road London N16 5HN is 459 metres away. “Erection of a part single part two storey rear extension to the existing outrigger; insertion of a front lightwell associated with a basemen”. View it at

2015/2908 at 56 & 58 Dumont Road London N16 0NJ is 752 metres away. “Erection of a second storey rear extension above existing first floor outrigger roofs”. View it at

2015/2859 at 19 Lilian Close London N16 0SG is 868 metres away. “Erection of additional storey at second floor level.”. View it at

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